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Dogecoin logo
Dogecoin logo PNG

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, developed by a group of computer scientists lead by Billy Markus in 2013. At the start, it was a satiric currency, launched on the background of speculation and panic aboutcrypto coins. However, it has quickly grown into a large project with a total capitalization of $85 billion on May of 2021. That time, it had a peak price per one coin – $0.64. Before then, the price hasn’tbeen racing beyond $0.002 for three years. Now, most of the Dogecoin shares are owned by Elon Musk.

Meaning and history

Dogecoin was established in 2013 as a ‘joke’ on the speculation of cryptocoins. In the further years to come, it quickly got a reputation of a community-friendly currency, which is popular among Reddit and Twitter users. The representatives and officials of Dogecoin use memes and jokes as marketing materials and elements of brand identity. Even its name and logo derives from a Japanese dog namedShibaInu, better known as Chimps or just Doge.

What is Dogecoin?
Dogecoin is an American financial means, which has a model of cryptocurrency. One of the features of this coin is hidden rather not in the currency itself, but in the way it’s spread. For marketing development campaign, Dogecoin representatives and itsmarketing team use memes and create an image of an internet-friendly coin which is extra close to its audience. The name and the logotype of the coin derive from the popular ‘Doge’ meme, which shows us the head of a dog known as Chimps in a cringe pose.

2013 – today

Dogecoin logo

The logo developed for Dogecoin cryptocurrency social media and website pages depicts the Chimps’ head in a wacky and uncharacteristic pose. It’s located on a circle, supposed to reflect a coin. Over the head, the brand designers have drawn a ‘D’ symbol.To the right side from the whole composition, we can see a plate with the name of the coin.


The ‘D’ character, drawn on the logo, has a heavy typeface, and the letter itself is capitalized. In collaboration, these two features make the symbol look eye-catching and distinctive. The name has a slim-serif typeface with all capitals.


The brand identity of Dogecoin consists of various shades of brown and beige. On the logotype, we can see the beige colored Chimps’ head, which is located on a dark brown circle. The circle itself is contoured by a dark brown line, which have even darker shade of brown than the circle.

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