The abbreviation “ICBC” stands for “Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited.” The state-owned commercial bank established in 1984, ICBC is currently ranked as the world’s largest bank.

Meaning and history

ICBS Logo history

ICBC is an abbreviation standing for the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, one of the world’s four largest state-owned banks, and the largest in its country. The bank was established in 1984, and today has offices not only all over China but in several countries across the globe, including the capitals of the largest European countries.

ICBC is headquartered in Beijing, China has Chen Siqing as the chairman, and ahi Shu as the CEO. The total amount of ICBC employees, working in all offices of the company is more than 400 thousand people.

Before 2006

BankBoston Logo 1900

The very first logo for the bank, known today as ICBC was created when it was called BankBoston. The badge featured a bright sky-blue italicized lettering in a slightly narrowed elegant typeface, decorated by a horizontally-oriented oval emblem with a blue eagle flying on a green background. The emblem had the “1784” datemark written on it in white.

2006 – 2013

Standard Bank Logo 2006

The redesign of 2006 followed the rename of BankBoston to Standard Bank. The new badge featured a completely different concept: a blue contoured crest with a waving flag on it, placed on the left of the solid title case inscription in a modern yet elegant sans-serif typeface. The lettering was executed in the same shade of blue as the emblem.

2013 – Today

Standard Bank logo
The ICBC logo itself is rather complex. In addition to a roundel emblem and the text “ICBC,” it comprises two versions of the full name of the company (Chinese and English) divided from each other by a horizontal red bar.


ICBC emblem
As for the icon, it was inspired by ancient Chinese coins, as well as one of the hieroglyphs that can be seen in the full name of the company. In fact, the red shape inside the circle looks like a stylized version of the hieroglyph.