Deutsche Eishockey Liga (DEL) logo

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Meaning and history

Deutsche Eishockey Liga Logo history

1994 – 1995

Deutsche Eishockey Liga logo 1994
The original DEL logo was a blue flag with a red stripe on the top. You could see the abbreviation “DEL” in white over the blue field.

1995 – 1997

Deutsche Eishockey Liga logo 1995
The 1995 logo uses the same flag image from before. The written bit that was featured below it in the previous logo is gone. Instead, the word ‘Krombacher’ is written in white on the top left corner of the flag.

1997 – 2001

Deutsche Eishockey Liga logo 1997
The next version (1997) featured the letters “DEL” in blue over the white background. This time, there was a gradient texture applied to the name of the league. A puck could be seen in the middle of the “D.”

2001 – 2011

Deutsche Eishockey Liga logo 2001
In 2001, the logo became flat, while the lettering below was replaced by “Die 1. Bundesliga.”

2011 – 2019

Deutsche Eishockey Liga logo 2011
While the Deutsche Eishockey Liga logo has a modern tech feel, it seems to lack sports symbolism, so you may be left in doubt whether it belongs to a sports league, an internet provider or a household appliances manufacturer. On the whole, the logo looks like a metallic badge with 3D letters.

2019 – 2020

Deutsche Eishockey Liga logo 2019
The combination of bright red and silver makes the logo eye-catching, yet refined at the same time. The large red letters “DEL” are given in a smooth italic font. While the part of a red ellipse seen in the top right corner presumably symbolizes a hockey puck, this idea probably wouldn’t cross your mind unless you’re told it’s a hockey league logo. The gradient textures applied both to the lettering and the silver outline adds much dimension.

2020 – Today

Deutsche Eishockey Liga logo

This logo uses the same DEL emblem as the one before it. That being said, they removed the grey frame and put the emblem on the right part of a big rectangle with rounded corners. The other half was red and featured the logo of Penny, the season’s sponsor.