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Danish Superliga logo Danish Superliga Logo PNG

Founded in 1991, the Danish Superliga is well-known as the country’s top football championship. The Danish Superliga logo is very abstract. There’re two black shapes on the white background. The one on the top is a black triangle, while below you can see something like a tick rotated 90 degrees.

From the first glance on the pictorial part of the emblem, no one would probably guess even what type of organization it belongs to, for instance, whether it deals with sports or music or telecommunications. Fortunately, the designer of the Danish S-Liga logo has included the lettering “Superliga” below to make the emblem better identifiable.

Meaning and history

Danish Superliga logo

Danish Superliga, founded in 1991, is the top professional football league in Denmark. Known for its competitive nature and passionate fan base, the league has witnessed significant achievements over the years. Several prominent Danish clubs, such as FC Copenhagen and Brøndby IF, have enjoyed success both domestically and in European competitions. Notably, FC Copenhagen has won the league title multiple times and made impressive runs in UEFA competitions. The Danish Superliga has also been a breeding ground for talented players who have gone on to achieve success at international levels. Currently, the league continues to showcase thrilling matches and remains a key platform for Danish football development, fostering the growth of young talents and providing exciting football action for fans across the country.

What is Danish Superliga?
The Danish Superliga is the top professional football league in Denmark. It consists of 12 teams competing for the national championship title.