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CasinoMax Logo
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CasinoMax is an online casino, which was established in 2009. One of the first and most reliable online gambling platforms, it is owned by Entertainment Software Group and headquartered in Curaçao. The platform values the security of its customers and has a great data protection service.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of a famous gambling platform is modest and delicate, yet instantly recognizable. The text-based logo is executed in a traditional and strong color palette, which evokes a sense of professionalism and reliability.

The logo of the casino is set in two levels: with “Casino” written on a solid blue or white background, and “Max” placed in three red rectangles under the first inscription. The rectangles are located vertically and have their corners rounded, which harmonized the shape and distinct lines of the letters.

The white, dark blue or black and red color palette is one of the most powerful and popular in the visual identity design. It evokes a sense of expertise and authority, making the customer feel the responsibility and fundamental approach of the company, and showing it as a strong and influential one.

For the icon, the platform uses just the “Max” part of the logo, which looks bright and memorable on a white background.

CasinoMax Logo

Overall, the CasinoMax logo is simple and strict, yet it perfectly reflects the essence of the company and its main principles — protection, reliability, and quality.


The ”Casino” part of the nameplate is written in all capitals and executed in a thin modern sans-serif typeface, which is very similar to both Maurea Caps and Linotype Projekt Small Caps. Both fonts are clean and neat, with strong lines and distinct contours.

The inscription is perfectly balanced, having pretty much space between the letters, and making a great accompaniment to the bottom, “Max” part of the logo.

The “Max” all-caps lettering is also written in sans-serif, but the bolder one, with slightly elongated letters. The typeface of this part is similar to Alternate Gothic No 3, a confident and solid font with traditional cuts and edges.


One of the most famous online casinos is known across the world as a very reliable and responsible gambling platform, which cares about the security and comfort of its users and does its best to create a vivid and positive atmosphere by adding more and more games, features and services.

Logo CasinoMax

The platform has its versions for all the possible devices — online for the computers, along with applications for smartphones and tablets, available for Android and iOS operating systems. The application is carefully designed according to the latest standards and gives the gambles an opportunity to experience new slots and card games in a stylish design framing and an easy-to-use menu.

The catalog of the platform’s games includes 180 various options with high-quality graphics and interesting bonuses. There is also a wide selection of card and table games, including Black Jack and Texas Hold’em. And of course, there is a separate Roulette category, which offers both European and American variations.

The platform offers a 300% bonus on the first deposit for all the new players and constantly runs various gifts for users, such as free spins and bonus deals. The comfort and satisfaction of its clients is the most important thing for the casino.

As for the payment and deposit options, the platform works with various credit cards, cryptocurrency and some of the e-wallet systems, including Neteller. For some of the systems, there is even no withdrawal fee, and the transaction is being completed in the shortest possible time period.