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Colt is one of the world’s most famous firearms producers, which was established in 1955 in the United States. Named after its founder, Samuel Colt, the company became popular for its Colt M1911.

Meaning and history

Colt Logo

The Colt logo is based on traditional and the company’s legacy built into a modern structure. It is stylish and memorable and shows the company as strong and unique.

The Colt logo is composed of a wordmark and a famous brand’s emblem on its left. The nameplate in all the capitals is executed in a bold sans serif typeface with the first “C” enlarged and stylized as a horseshoe. Its lower tail is elongated and has a pointed end, which adds elegance and playfulness to the whole logo.

Colt emblem

The iconic Colt emblem is an image of a horse, which was taken from the company’s founder’s family coat of arms. The horse is drawn in a Rampant position and holds a broken arrow in its mouth.

Symbolizing loyalty, the horse has never left the Colt’s visual identity and became synonymous with the brand. Its image is engraved on all the brand’s firearms, and the evolution of its contours can be seen on different models.

The color palette of the Volt logo is usually black and white, which reflects the company’s stability and professionalism. Though sometimes the brand uses red color in its logos to accent on power and energy.