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CounterMail is the name of an encrypted email web provider with data centers located in Sweden. The platform was founded in 2008.  Although their website looks rather outdated, their email security can handle today’s privacy threats. CounterMail is a paid service, which is considered to be one of the most expensive in its category.

Meaning and history

CounterMail is synonymous to high protection and superb quality of the services. Yes, it is paid-only, yes, it is expensive, but the privacy and confidence it gives to its users is absolutely worth it. The service is known to be one of the safest e-Mail clients in the world. And it’s visual identity only elevates this feeling.

2008 – Today

CounterMail Logo

The CounterMail logo is traditionally composed of two parts: a wordmark, and an emblem, which can be used separately, as a web and mobile app icon. The CounterMail logotype is executed in all capitals of a custom sans-serif typeface with bold lines, smooth angles, straight cut and futuristic shapes of the letters. The inscription is set in military green, a brilliant choice for the depiction of security and power. The logotype can sometimes be accompanied by a light gray tagline in the same typeface; but with thinner lines and smaller size of the letters. It says “Protecting Your Privacy” and balanced the light gray color of the CounterMail emblem.

The emblem of the e-Mail platform is based on a stylized lock image, formed by three horizontal fragments with softened sides and angles, and three delicate soft lines cut out on the left of the lock. The upper part of the image depicts a pretty traditional arch, with clean contours and solid gray background.