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Corus Entertainment, a prominent Canadian media conglomerate, engages primarily in television broadcasting and production, alongside radio broadcasting. Founded by JR Shaw, it stands as an offspring of the Shaw Communications family. Boasting an impressive portfolio, the company operates numerous television stations, including specialty channels and radio stations. Notably, its presence extends throughout Canada, with headquarters situated in Toronto. As a leading player in the Canadian media landscape, Corus has made significant inroads in delivering content that resonates with its vast audience, becoming a go-to for many Canadians for their entertainment and informational needs.

Meaning and history

Corus Entertainment Logo history

Established in 1999, Corus Entertainment was birthed from a merger, with JR Shaw as a founding figurehead. A pioneer in Canadian broadcasting, Corus has secured its place by acquiring influential media assets over the years. Noteworthy accomplishments include its acquisition of Shaw Media in 2016, further expanding its television broadcasting capacity. This bold move positioned Corus as a dominant media entity in Canada. Today, the company boasts an impressive roster of both television and radio channels, touching the lives of millions. Presently headquartered in Toronto, Corus Entertainment remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering high-quality content, maintaining a strong foothold in the ever-evolving media industry.

What is Corus Entertainment?
Corus Entertainment is a leading Canadian media company specializing in television and radio broadcasting. Founded in 1999, it operates numerous TV channels and radio stations, with its headquarters in Toronto. It’s a major player in the Canadian media landscape.

1999 – 2016

Corus Entertainment Logo 1999

Embracing an array of bright, lively colors and textures, this logo playfully spells out “CORUS”. Each letter boasts a distinct design. The “C” is adorned with a checkered green pattern, reminiscent of retro TV screens. The golden “O” resembles a shiny spiral, spinning endlessly inwards, capturing the essence of infinite creativity. The “R” in deep purple is smooth and modern, while the “U” stands out with its vibrant red-orange hue dotted with cheerful yellow circles. The “S” is crafted in a captivating blue, evoking the imagery of flowing water or swirling winds. Beneath this colorful array, the word “ENTERTAINMENT” is elegantly printed, offering a counterbalance to the vividness above.

2016 – Today

Corus Entertainment Logo

Sleek, modern, and minimalist, this logo design offers a fresh take on the brand. The word “corus” is written in bold, black lowercase letters, demonstrating a sense of straightforwardness and clarity. The “O” and the dot are replaced with vibrant green circles, adding a splash of color to the otherwise monochromatic design. The contrast between the stark black letters and the radiant green not only makes the logo pop but could also symbolize the synergy between traditional media (represented by black) and innovative, fresh content (represented by green). This design speaks to a modern audience, promising cutting-edge entertainment in an ever-evolving media landscape.