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Comedy Central is the name of the American entertainment tv-channel, which was established in 1991. Today the channel with numerous comedy programs and tv-series is available for watching on almost all the continents and is loved by millions of people for high-quality content.

Meaning and history

Comedy Central Logo history

The visual identity of the Comedy Central channel is minimalist, stylish, and cool. It perfectly represents the purpose and character of the tv-channel, showing it as a creative and progressive one, and elevating its image.
During the first two years after the launch of the channel, there were about four redesigns of its logo, as the channel couldn’t find its own unique style, and was ready for experiments. So among the first versions were letter “C” in red, a strict and simple blue wordmark, and a minimalist monochrome inscription.
The first constant logo was created in 1991. It was a stylized image of the planet, drawn in purple and black, with three white and black skyscrapers coming out of it, as a symbol of the NewYork City, and a yellow wide ribbon around the planet with the “Comedy Central” lettering in black. The lettering was executed in a bold and simple sans-serif typeface.
Comedy Central Logo
In 1992 the contours of the emblem were refined and slightly modernized, and the crazy intense color palette was changed to a more professional and modest one — blue, black, and white. Though in 1997 the channel makes its logo monochrome.
The redesign of 2000 brought a new style to the emblem, keeping the idea of the planet and skyscrapers, it was completely redrawn in a more modern and vivid way. The “Comedy Central” inscription was now placed right on the globe, without any ribbons and orbits.
The prototype of the logo we all know today was designed for Comedy Central in 2011. It was an emblem, composed of two letters “C”, which were placed resembling of the Copyright symbol — one small “C” inside the bigger one, mirrored.
The wordmark, placed under the new emblem was also unique — the “Central” part was turned upside down.
Logo Comedy Central
So despite the simplicity of the colors and lines, it was a truly remarkable visual identity design, following all the trends in contemporary design.
The logo we all know today was created in 2018 and is based on the previous outstanding version. The emblem remained the same — the copyright symbol with an open circle, but now it is colored yellow and placed on the left of the wordmark.
As for the inscription, it is set in two levels and written in a strict and traditional sans-serif typeface with bold clean lines.
The yellow and black color palette of the Comedy Central logo is a reflection of professionalism and energy, which lead the channel to the new heights and help them conquer new fans every day.