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Collingwood Logo

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While the logo of the Collingwood football club doesn’t look like a regular sporting logo, you can feel the heritage and style.

Meaning and history

Collingwood logo history

We’d like to start the story of the Collingwood logo from the emblem used on letterheads from the club’s earliest days and through the early 1950s. Here, a magpie was depicted on top of a tree encircled by the lettering “Collingwood Football Club.” The tree and magpie looked very realistic, with the exception of the proportions: the magpie was too big in comparison with the tree. Another distinctive feature was a belt design.

In other communications throughout the same period, the club used a simplified version of the same logo. Here, the tree was reduced to the only branch on which the bird was sitting.

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Evolution of the symbol

Collingwood symbol

When the Social Club opened in 1941, the logo mentioned above was modified to include the word “Social.”

Around 1951, the club adopted a logo featuring a magpie facing to the right. Instead of a branch, the creature was now standing on a fence.

The annual reports of 1955-1957 comprised a completely different logo. Here, the bird was facing to the left. There was a twig under his feet and an abstract landscape behind his back.

We can mention the very realistic logos used in 1958-1965 and in 1968-1972. The magpie sitting on fencepost had its head turned at a very elegant angle. In the annual reports of 1966-1967 and 1973-1974, we can see a modified version with the words “Collingwood Football Club” on the background.

Throughout the following decades, the club used colored versions, shield logos with the magpie facing to the right and to the left. There was even a logo where the bird was depicted with his wings spread.

The 2018 emblem

Collingwood emblem

Eventually, in 2018, the club opted for a comparatively minimalistic design with black and white stripes on the background.


Collingwood logo

The sans serif type has distinctive elongated proportions.



The palette of the Collingwood logo comprises black, white, and a noble shade of gold.