Minnesota Vikings Logo

Minnesota Vikings Logo

All the three versions of Minnesota Vikings logo may look rather similar as all of them feature the same Norseman. And yet, if you compare them side-by-side, the differences between them become obvious.

Meaning and history Minnesota Vikings Logo

Minnesota Vikings Logo history

The well-known Norseman was created in 1961 by Karl Hubenthal, who worked as a sports cartoonist for the Los Angeles Times back then.

The 1966 emblem Minnesota Vikings

emblem Minnesota Vikings

Unlike the original logo, the 1966 one faced to the right. The updated emblem looked cleaner. A couple of new colors appeared, including the purple of the banner helmet and the beige-pink of the skin.

The 2013 symbol Minnesota Vikings

symbol Minnesota Vikings

In 2013 the logo was given a facelift, as a result of which it has become sharper, bolder. The modifications included the shape of the horns, as well as their shading. The horn base was altered so as to resemble the horns of the players’ helmets. The lines of the face have grown thicker, while the braid has grown shorter. In addition to this, there has been a shift in the shade of the yellow color: it have become brighter and less brassy.

Font of the Minnesota Vikings Logo

Font Minnesota Vikings logo

The letters “M” and “V” look unique due to the unusual shape of the script.

Color of the Minnesota Vikings Logo

Color Minnesota Vikings Logo

The original combination of white, black, and yellow (nicknamed Vikings Gold) was enriched with purple in 1966 and has stayed like this until now.