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Although the Oakland Raiders logo has been tweaked several times, it has always stayed consistent in its main part – the depiction of a pirate’s face.

Meaning and history

Oakland Raiders Logo history

Oakland Raiders is one of the steams, which have been very constant and stable with its visual identity design throughout the club’s history. Though the team was moving from Oakland to Los Angeles, then back, and then to Las Vegas, and changed its name four times, the logo stayed almost untouched.

1960 — 1962

Oakland Raiders Logo 1960

The original logo for the Raiders featured a monochrome portrait of a modern pirate, placed on a yellow vertically located football with two crossed sabers on the background. The man had one of his eyes covered and was wearing a leather black helmet. The yellow color of the football was balanced by sabers’ handles, drawn in the same color with an addition of black.


Oakland Raiders Logo 1963

The emblem, introduced in 1963, had its shape switched from Ivan to a crest-like, with the sharp top part. The color palette of the logo was changed to silver-gray and black, where the pirate’s head and two sabers were set on a light gray background of the shield, outlined in black. The top part of the badge was colored black and had a two-leveled wordmark on it — the small arched “The Oakland” and the bold enlarged “Raiders” in a clean strict sans-serif.

1964 — 1981

Oakland Raiders Logo 1964

The lettering In the badge was shortened to “Raiders” and the background of the crest turned all black in 1964. The black leather helmet of the pirate was replaced by a gray one, with a thick black stripe in the middle. The Sabers on this version were a bit shorter than on the previous ones.

1982 — 1994

Oakland Raiders Logo 1982

The club moves to Los Angeles and changes its name in 1982, though the emblem remains untouched, as it had no geographical marks on it, so the black and gray crest with a modern pirate on it stays with Los Angeles Raiders for another decade.

1995 — 2019

Oakland Raiders Logo 1995

In 1995 the team comes back home, to Oakland, and keeps using the previous logo without any changes. The image with a traditional shield shape and a contemporary portrait on it became iconic and instantly recognizable by people all over the globe.

2020 — Today

Oakland Raiders logo

The Raiders relocate to Las Vegas at the end of 2019, changing their name to Las Vegas Raiders, but keeping their iconic emblem almost untouched. The color palette was slightly switched, by adding a darker shade of gray to the pirate’s helmet, another minor change of 2020 was an addition of a thick white frame to the Raiders’ crest.


Font Oakland Raiders Logo

The bold sans-serif all-cap font featured in the current wordmark looks solid and highly legible.

Symbol Oakland Raiders


Color Oakland Raiders Logo

The color scheme is pretty simple and includes only three colors: white, black, and a light shade of grey.

emblem Oakland Raiders