Oakland Raiders Logo

Oakland Raiders Logo

Although the Oakland Raiders logo has been tweaked several times, it has always stayed consistent in its main part – the depiction of a pirate’s face.

Meaning and history Oakland Raiders Logo

Oakland Raiders Logo history

The earliest logotype appeared in 1960, when the football club was created, and lasted only two years. It was the first time the world saw the famous pirate wearing a football helmet. Due to the eye patch, the pirate acquired recognizable identity. Behind him, there was a stylized depiction of a ball and two crisscrossed swords.

The actor Randolph Scott, who was very popular in the 1950’s, is believed to have been the model for the designer who draw the pirate.

The 1963 emblem Oakland Raiders

emblem Oakland Raiders

In 1963, the pirate was placed inside a shield shape, with the wording “The Oakland Raiders” in its upper part. This version featured only black and a light shade of grey.

Symbol Oakland Raiders: 1982-present

Symbol Oakland Raiders

During their stay in Los-Angeles in 1982-1994, as well as after returning back to Oakland, the team has used almost the same logo. The difference is in the wording (words “The Oakland” have been removed) and the colors (the shield has become black, while the earlier version contained grey parts).

Font of the Oakland Raiders Logo

Font Oakland Raiders Logo

The bold sans-serif all-cap font featured in the current wordmark looks solid and highly legible.

Color of the Oakland Raiders Logo

Color Oakland Raiders Logo

The color scheme is pretty simple and includes only three colors: white, black, and a light shade of grey.