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Sk Rapid Wein logo

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Sportklub Rapid Wien, which is also called Rapid Vienna, is a football club playing in Vienna, Austria.

Meaning and history

Although the Rapid logo has gone through several modifications during its long history, it has preserved some of its heritage.

SK Rapid Wein logo

Earliest logo

The first badge of Sportklub Rapid, which is displayed on the club’s website, however, looks pretty different from the current one. While it also has the banner with the word “Rapid” in the center, the glyphs are by far narrower, their legibility is worse.
The lettering “sportcl” above is placed on the blue background, while the year “1899” below is placed over the red background. The logo has gold trim with plenty of decorative curls.

Current SK Rapid Wein Logo

SK Rapid Wein logo

While the name of the club can still be seen on the banner, the type is larger and wider, with red letters. The stylized wreath in gold reminds of all the victories the club has already won. You can also see a shield housing diagonal white and green stripes (the colors of the home kits, hence the nickname Die Grün-Weißen, or The Green-Whites). Above the wreath, there are three stars.