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Ever since its introduction in 1966, the Miami Dolphins logo has been using the same symbols: a teal dolphin and an orange circle representing the sun. However, the emblem has undergone several subtle modifications.

Meaning and history

Miami Dolphins Logo history

Miami Dolphins is one of the football clubs with a strong value of its roots and heritage, thus it still uses a modified version of its original logo, keeping two main elements and the bright and remarkable color palette as they were created, just having their contours modernized.

What are Miami Dolphins?
Miami Dolphins is the name of a professional football club from the United States, which was established in 1965, and today plays in the East division of the National Football League. The club has Hard Rock Stadium as its home arena, Mike McDaniels as the head coach, and is owned by Stephen M. Ross.

1966 — 1974

Miami Dolphins Logo 1966

The initial emblem for Miami Dolphins featured a large white sun with an orange ring with numerous rays around it, and a friendly smiling dolphin in a white and orange football helmet, placed vertically over the abstract sun. The dolphin was drawn in intense turquoise, color of creativity, kindness, and caress, while orange stood for energy, passion, and speed.

1974 — 1979

Miami Dolphins Logo 1974

In 1974 the logo was slightly refined by enlarging the dolphin’s figure and its helmet. Now the white helm with blue and orange stripes had the serif orange “M” placed on it more distinct and visible. The contours of the sun rays were also cleaned and lines — elongated.

1980 — 1996


Miami Dolphins Logo 1980

The redesign of 1980 brought some minor changes to the iconic Miami Dolphins visual identity. The color palette was elevated by making orange deeper and darker, and the turquoise shade with more green tone. The orange “M” on a white helmet changed its typeface and was now bolder and more massive than on the previous version.

1997 — 2012

Miami Dolphins Logo 1997

The logo version, introduced by the club in 1997 was cool and fun, wrapped into a modern and sleek execution. The dolphin and the sun were redrawn in thicker and smoother lines, adding some dark blue touched to the dolphin’s body. The face of the mascot was now more detailed, as well as the helmet on its head. The stripes and the “M” got their contours cleaned and strengthened. The silhouette of the sun was also modernized, and all the thin rays were erased, leaving only a bold circle with pointed elements, which looked minimalist yet confident.

miami dolphins old logo

A secondary version of the logo featured the same dolphin, but placed on a white background, without a sun-disk, though it was holding a white football between its fins, and the ball had four orange lines coming out of it, to represent speed and power.

2013 — 2017

Miami Dolphins Logo 2013

After the club’s rebranding in 2013, the new logo was adopted by Miami Dolphins. Though it is fully based on the original version, the contours of both the sun disk and the dolphin were cleaned and modernized to represent the progress and growth of the club, and add a contemporary touch to its visual identity. The dolphin was now drawn without any helmet and featured a turquoise, blue and white palette, while the sunburst had some of its lines elongated and sharp.

2018 — Today

Miami Dolphins logo

The redesign of 2018 was all about the emblem’s color palette, and the only shade that was changed was orange, which turned darker and closer to red. The new palette looks more dramatic and powerful, creates strong contrast with a white background, and makes the Miami Dolphins logo stand out.


Font Miami Dolphins Logo

It is hardly possible to discuss the typeface, as the only letter present in the logo, “M”, was removed from it in 2013. We can mention that this was a classic, clear serif type.

Miami Dolphins emblem


Color Miami Dolphins Logo

The iconic color scheme bears a symbolic meaning. The orange color represents the bright South Florida sun, while the teal color was inspired by the characteristic hue of the Atlantic Ocean by the local shores. A navy shade of blue has been also present in the logo since 1997.

miami dolphins new logo

Miami Dolphins Colors

HEX COLOR: #008E97
RGB: (0, 142, 151)
CMYK: (100, 21, 42, 2)

RGB: (252, 76, 2)
CMYK: (0, 73, 98, 0)

HEX COLOR: #005778
RGB: (0, 87, 120)
CMYK: (100, 61, 35, 15)

Why did Miami Dolphins change their logo?
The logo of the Miami Dolphins has been changed several times throughout the years, with the most significant one held in 2013, when the white helmet with the orange letter “M” was removed from the head of a dolphin of the team’s logo. As for the latest redesign of the badge, it happened in 2018 and brought only minor changes in the color palette. This was made to strengthen the badge and to make it look more confident and progressive.

Do Miami Dolphins have a dolphin?
The Miami Dolphins club used to have a real dolphin for two years in the 1960s. But today the mascot of the club is a man in a dolphin costume. Although in 1966 — 1968 the real dolphin mascot of the club was a local celebrity. The creature used to show tricks after each win of the team.

When did the Miami Dolphins change their helmet?
The white helmet with the stylized orange letter “M” has been a part of the Miami Dolphins’ visual identity for decades and was completely removed from the badge in 2013, causing a lot of contradictions among the club’s fans. Many still say that the club has to bright the helmet back.

Does Gloria Estefan own the Miami Dolphins?
The Miami Dolphins football club is owned by Stephen M. Ross, a famous American businessman, and real estate developer. As for Gloria Estefan, she and her husband Emilio Estefan, bought a minor stake in the Miami Dolphins club in 2009.