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The Dallas Cowboys is a famous American football club founded in 1960 and accepted into the national Football League of the National Football Conference.

Brand Overview

Dallas Cowboys is a legendary football club, with the largest amount of fans, which makes it an all-American team. It is also the most expensive sports team in the world, according to the Forbes rating from 2016, where the Cowboys became the first American football club in history (according to experts the value of Dallas Cowboys is 4 billion USD).

The Cowboys have five Super Bowl victories,1971,1977,1992,1993, and 1995, making them one of the NFL’s most decorated teams. In addition to winning Super Bowls, the Dallas Cowboys have won 10 Conference championships, and 24 Division championships, and appeared in playoffs 35 times.

For several years, young Lamar Hunt, son of oil magnate Harold Hunt, tried to get a National Football League franchise for his hometown of Dallas. Each time, NFL executives proved against it. First, the league was unwilling to expand. Second, certain decisions were influenced by the owners of teams already playing in the NFL. Hunt had to be incredibly persistent and resourceful to finally get an NFL franchise in Dallas, which happened in 1960.

The club was originally named Dallas Steers, then Dallas Rangers. But on March 19, 1960, the owners of the club announced the new name Cowboys.

Meaning and history

Dallas Cowboys Logo history

Dallas Cowboys is one of the strong NFL clubs, which has made it to the Super Bowl eight times throughout the years, and it is a pretty good result. Although the first decades of the club’s career in the league were quite calm, at the beginning of the 2000s, it started showing its true strength and character.

The club is also an NFC records maker — it has made it to eight National Football Conference championships, which is the most any team in the NFC ever did. Dallas Cowboys also hold a financial record, being the first-ever baseball club to be valued at four billion USD.

What is Dallas Cowboys?
Dallas Cowboys is the name of a professional football club in the united states, which was established in 1960. Today the club successfully completed in the National Football League as a member of the East Division. Dallas Cowboys have had AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas as their home arena since 2009, and Mike McCarthy as the head coach since 2020.

1960 — 1963

Dallas Cowboys Logo 1960
The Dallas Cowboys is one of the few teams whose logo has stayed almost unchanged since inception. The team uses has been using a blue five-pointed star as its symbol from the beginning.

1964 — Today

Dallas Cowboys logo
In 1964 the logo underwent a seemingly minor aesthetic modification. Jack Escridge added a white border along the star’s contour and gave it a little more 3D appearance.
Because the team resides in Texas – the Lone Star State – the logo bears a state-wide significance and pays tribute to Texa’s past. Many experts and football fans say that the Dallas Cowboys logo has a tremendous unifying power, which they feel every time they attend a match with the team’s participation.

Alternative symbols

Dallas Cowboys Alternative symbols logo 1960s

In addition to the star logo, the team also used an emblem depicting a polo player. The 1960 version featured a cowboy carrying a football on a horse and was given in blue and white. The 1966 symbol had a more diverse color palette including light blue, black, red, and white. The player and his horse did not change that much, except for a couple details and the direction (now they were facing to the right).

Who designed the Cowboys logo?
The original logo of the Dallas Cowboys was the brainchild of Jack Eskridge, a key figure in the team’s history who helped craft the visual identity of the franchise during its debut as an expansion team. His design laid the foundation for what would become an iconic logo, recognized and revered by fans across the nation.

Anniversary emblems

Dallas Cowboys 25 and 40 Anniversary logos

To mark the team’s Anniversary, designers often develop special versions of the logo looking more intricate than the regular ones. For instance, the Dallas Cowboys logo that was created to observe 25th Anniversary incorporated not just a single star, but three stars, and boasted new visual effects. Instead of just the word “Cowboys”, there were the full name of the club and the words “Silver season.”

The 40th Anniversary was marked with another logo. The star was decorated with a ribbon. There were several inscriptions made in various typefaces.


dallas cowboys emblem

Shape Dallas Cowboys Logo

The star appears on all sorts of attributes – from helmets and T-shirts to coins. It makes the Dallas Cowboys logo increasingly iconic and recognizable.


Colors Dallas Cowboys Logo

Blue is the only color the club uses in its symbols. It symbolizes excellence, power, perseverance, purity, strength, and integrity. No wonder, there is hardly a sports team who does not use this color in its logo in a way.


Dallas Cowboys Font

The wordmark is written in what appears to be the Cowboys by Sharshock font.

What are the colors of the Dallas Cowboys star?
The Dallas Cowboys’ star trademark, an integral part of their identity, features a distinct blue logo against their home games’ uniforms, which traditionally sport a white logo. This contrast symbolizes the team’s dynamic and enduring legacy, from the era of Tom Landry’s coaching and the Doomsday Defense to Jerry Jones’ ownership and Jimmy Johnson’s coaching achievements. These colors reflect the team’s rich history and evolution since its debut, marking their journey from an expansion team to one of the most beloved franchises in the NFL.


Dallas Cowboys Logo Helmet

The legendary team from Dallas, the Cowboys, uses the main symbol of their state, Texas, to decorate the players’ helmets. The blue five-pointed star in a contrasting white and blue outline is placed on the sides of Light-silver helmets with the masks in the same shade. The three stripes in blue and white (supporting the outline of the Star) are placed in the middle of the helmets. The design looks very airy and fresh, at the same time evoking a sense of professionalism and confidence.


Dallas Cowboys Logo Uniform

The official Dallas Cowboys color palette, used for the design of the players’ uniform, is composed of navy blue, metallic silver, royal blue, and white, very strict and clean colors. There are three options for the players’ uniforms: the color one, with navy-blue jerseys and gray pants, withwhite stripes on blue, and blue stripes on gray; the white uniform, withsky-blue pants, decorated by navy-blue details; and the alternate all-white uniform with blue stars on the shoulders.

What is the mascot for the Dallas Cowboys?
The Dallas Cowboys, often hailed as “America’s Team,” do not have a traditional mascot. However, their fan base and iconic logo, the star trademark, serve as symbolic representations of the team’s spirit and legacy. The star itself is emblematic of the team’s ambition and excellence on the field.

Home ground

Dallas Cowboys Logo Home Ground

Since 2009 Dallas Cowboys have been playing at AT&T Stadium, located in Arlington, which has a capacity of 80 thousand seats. Before that, the club only played in two arenas — Texas Stadium from 1971 to 2008, and Cotton Bowl arena at the very beginning of the club’s history, from 1960 til 1971.

Dallas Cowboys Colors

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Where did the Dallas Cowboys originally come from?
The Dallas Cowboys club was founded in Dallas and always stayed in Dallas, never changing its location. One of the largest cities in Texas, Dallas, received the NFL franchise in 1960.

Who designed the Dallas Cowboys logo?
The Dallas Cowboys logo, introduced in 1964, was designed by Jack Eskridge, who was the player of the club. It was not actually a super complicated design, as since 1969 the team has been using a plain blue star as the badge, and Eskridge only added a double white and blue outline to it.

Why is the Cowboys logo a star?
The Cowboys’ logo is based on an image of a star, like many other badges of Texas-based companies, as Texas is known to be called “The Lone Star State”. The star on the Dallas Cowboys logo is set in blue and white, looking distinctive and powerful.