Adelaide Crows Logo

Adelaide Crows Logo

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Aggressive, distinctive, dynamic, and easy to grasp – the emblem of the Adelaide Crows football club inspires the players and fans and sticks in mind. The way the wordmark touches the beak looks somewhat awkward, though.

Meaning and history

Adelaide Crows Logo history

In the summer of 1990, the AFL permitted the Port Adelaide Football Club to enter into its competition in season 1991. The earliest Adelaide Crows logo was based on a shield shape. It sported a crow in flight with its beak open. Behind its wings and tail, the creature left the signature navy, yellow, and red stripes of the club’s uniform.

In 1997, the logo was slightly tweaked. While the crow itself remained unchanged, the two words of the club’s name changed their proportions. The word “Crows,” which was the biggest on the previous version, grew smaller. By contrast, the word “Adelaide,” which was the largest on the previous version, became bigger. In this way, the club emphasized its place of origin on the logo.

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Evolution of the symbol

Adelaide Crows symbol

This emblem was replaced in 1998. The shield shape was removed, while the navy of the crow grew a little lighter. The lettering, which grew larger and bolder, moved below the crow. The shape of the bird and the iconic stripes remained untouched.

The 2010 emblem

Adelaide Crows emblem

Instead of the whole crow, the current logo features only the head. The designer didn’t just borrow the head from the previous logo but drew it from scratch. While the crow, in reality, isn’t that dangerous at all, the creature on the logo had the menacing expression and aggressive style necessary for a decent sports logo. Its sharp feathers only reinforced the impression.


Adelaide Crows Logo

The sharp elements on the letters create a visual rhyme with the angles of the bird design.


Adelaide Crows

In addition to the club’s official colors – navy, red, and gold – the Adelaide Crows logo also features white and a lighter shade of blue.