CNPC is a Chinese energy corporation, formed in 1999 and owned by the state. The company is one of the hugest groups in the world’s petroleum segment and is ranked 4 in Fortune 500 by revenue.

Meaning and history

CNPC stands for China National Petroleum Corporation, which is at the top of the list of the most influential energy companies across the globe.

The brand has a bright and memorable logo, which is composed of a wordmark and a colorful emblem. It evokes a sense of dynamic movement and stable quality of one of the most powerful companies in the world.


The Emblem

The CNPC Emblem features two main colors — orange and red, with fine white lines, accenting it. The flower-like shape of the emblem makes it look friendly and welcoming, plus the color palette adds a happy and joyful feeling.

The colors of the CNPC emblem are taken from the Chinese National glad and the flower is a symbol of a rising sun, which the company aims to give to its country.

The CNPC emblem is a celebration of the brand’s heritage and background, its progressive approach and its powerful position on the international market.

Logo1 CNPC

The Wordmark

The CNPC wordmark is placed beyond the emblem and is executed in a neat and bold traditional typeface. The black lines of the letters and simple and strong, with a modern touch.

The black color of the nameplate balances the bright emblem and adds professionalism and strength to the CNPC visual identity. It is a strict and laconic wordmark, which aims to show the brand’s seriousness and authority.

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