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Statoil is an old name of the Equinor energy company, which was founded in 1972 in Norway. It is one of the world’s largest gas and oil companies, which now has more than 20 youth and employees in over 30 countries across the globe.

Meaning and history

Statoil logo

Before turning into Equinor, Statoil’s visual identity was elegant and crispy. It featured a crystal-like purple emblem with a sophisticated black wordmark.

Emblem Statoil

The use of the purple color was aiming to make the company more recognizable on the world’s market, reflecting at the same time the brand’s value of balance, quality, and research. The Statoil emblem got the name “Command Star”.

The simple elegance of the wordmark showed the Statoil as a reliable and professional company, with loyalty and trustworthiness as its core elements.

The new, Equinor, logo is based on a flower-like crystal emblem of the Statoil brand, featuring a more bright fuchsia color for both an icon and a wordmark.

Logo Statoil

The wordmark is now executed in all the lowercase lettering with rounded angles and balanced spacing.

The logo is bright and recognizable, based on the previous company’s visual identity, celebrating the brand’s heritage and history, and showing its progressive approach.

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