Repsol Logo

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Repsol Logo
Repsol is a Spanish fuel company, which was established in the 1950s by the Repesa group as a fuel label and became a separate company in the 1980s. Today the brand is widely recognized across the globe as one of the leading companies in the petroleum industry, with more than twenty thousand workers worldwide.

Meaning and history

Repsol Logo history

The Repsol history can be divided into two main parts — from the 1950s to the 1980s when it was a brand of the gas, created by Repesa company, and from the 1970s until now, when the Repsol is an independent worldwide recognizable name.
The visual identity of the brand dramatically changed in the 1980s, when the Repsol company was established. The fuel logo was composed of a circle with the letter “R” inside. The color palette was a traditional blue red and white tricolor.
The Repsol company’s visual identity is based on four colors — the tricolor from the original version is complemented by the bright orange, which symbolizes energy and passion.
The Repsol logo is composed of a famous emblem with a wordmark beneath it. The nameplate in all-caps is executed in italicized bold typeface featuring dark blue color.
Logo Repsol
The Repsol emblem is an orange and red circle with two orbits – orange on the top half and silver-white on the bottom one.
The Repsol logo is bright and eye-catching, with clean distinct lines, evoking a sense of style and confidence.
It is a remarkable visual identity, which is geometrical and smooth at the same time. There is nothing extra in the Repsol logo, every detail is essential and perfectly executed.