Repsol Logo

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Repsol Logo
Repsol is a Spanish fuel company, which was established in the 1950s by the Repesa group as a fuel label and became a separate company in the 1980s. Today the brand is widely recognized across the globe as one of the leading companies in the petroleum industry, with more than twenty thousand workers worldwide.

Meaning and history

Repsol Logo history


The brand’s roots can be traced back to 1951 when the REPESA (Refinería de Petróleos de Escombreras S.A.) introduced a line of lubricants under the name of Repsol. The original Repsol logo sported a large white “R” inside a blue circle. The blue circle, in its turn, was placed inside white and red rings.


Logo Repsol
In 1987, Repsol became not just a brand but a company specializing in oil and gas. Therefore, it needed a new, clearer identity. The design was developed by the Wolff Olins brand consultancy.
The circle on the logo is the sun, which is used as a symbol of energy. The orange and dark blue lines seen on the logo were used to introduce strength and motion. The company name was given in a dynamic type. The “S” looked very unusual because it appeared to have been straightened. As a result, it did not really merge with the other glyphs.


The design grew simpler and less casual. The blue line grew shorter, while the name of the company moved above the “sun.” The letters forming the wordmark were not italicized as much as in the previous version. Yet, the “S” still looked slightly out of place.
Repsol Logo


The Repsol logo now features a 3D effect. The dark blue background has disappeared leaving the design much cleaner and lighter. The wordmark has grown slightly larger and moved below the emblem.
Logo Repsol