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Vattenfall is an international power state-owned enterprise with its headquarters in Solna, Sweden. It was founded in 1909 under the name “Kungliga Vattenfallstyrelsen” (Royal Waterfall Board). Until the mid-1970s, the company specialized in the generation of hydroelectric power and was limiting its business to Sweden. Its current name, Vattenfall AB the company received in 1992 after which it experienced a period of considerable development and expansion of the operations area. Today Vattenfall generates power, in addition to Sweden, in the United Kingdom, Finland, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.  In 2017, the net income of the company reached a level of about 9,5 billion kr.

Meaning and history

Vattenfall Logo history

Vattenfall, a renowned Swedish energy company, was established in 1909. Its founding marked a significant step in Sweden’s journey towards electrification, aimed at harnessing the nation’s abundant hydroelectric resources. Over the years, Vattenfall has expanded its operations, diversifying into various forms of energy production, including nuclear, coal, gas, and renewable energy sources.

The company’s main achievements include pioneering developments in hydroelectric power, significant contributions to the expansion of nuclear energy in Sweden, and recent strides towards renewable energy sources, reflecting a commitment to sustainability. Vattenfall has been instrumental in several large-scale infrastructure projects, notably in hydroelectric and nuclear power, which have significantly impacted the European energy landscape.

Currently, Vattenfall is positioned as a key player in Europe’s energy sector, focusing on sustainable energy solutions. The company is at the forefront of developing and implementing technologies for renewable energy, particularly in wind and solar power, and is actively involved in projects aimed at reducing carbon emissions. This shift towards sustainability mirrors the global trend in energy production, positioning Vattenfall as a leader in the transition to a cleaner energy future.

What is Vattenfall?
It’s a Swedish energy company, notable for its contributions to hydroelectric, nuclear, and renewable energy sectors.

Before 2018

Vattenfall Logo 1900s
Initially, the emblem was a circle divided into two parts. The upper part was made in tangerine orange colour with a white five-pointed star in its upper-right part. The star symbolized the unique position of the company in the Swedish power industry. The lower half of the circle had two white and two azure blue wavy strips symbolizing water and the hydropower specialization of Vattenfall and underlining the connection with its name, which in Swedish means “waterfall”.

2018 – Today

Vattenfall logo

The last modification was introduced to the logo in 2018. The wordmark became more strict and concise. The letters lost all its serif elements and resembled the commercial font Remora Corp W4-Bold. The emblem also became simpler. It is the same circle but this time evenly divided into two parts: upper in bumblebee yellow and the lower in azure blue symbolizing the sun and the water. The logo is associated with the company’s policy aimed at contributing to a sustainable fossil-free energy system.

Logo Vattenfall

There is also a special logo for the company’s wind power division. It represents a square honey orange background with three white silhouettes of wind farms, white wordmark “VATTENFALL” and a white replica of the old circle emblem with the star and waved strips.