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Claritin is a brand of the anti-allergic drugs, whose main component is Loratadine. The medication is manufactured by Bayer and is considered to be the most famous antihistamine medication across the globe.

Meaning and history

Claritin Logo

Claritin’s text-based logo is light and friendly. It represents the main drug’s target — the relief of allergic symptoms. The pure white lettering with the blue outline and shadow is elegant and light.

The brand uses blue as the main color for the web icons and wherever the logo is placed on a white background. The Claritin color palette evokes a sense of loyalty and reliability, representing the brand, capable to help people with allergies.


The Claritin package comprises a blue sky image with two white clouds, harmonizing the white wordmark, and a green grass field. This is a beautiful visual identity concept, that shows the joyful life and ability to be happy outdoors with the help of Claritin.

The bright colors of the background make the Claritin package stand out on the shelves and be instantly recognizable. The vertical red stripe on the left side of the box is a symbol of a powerful and fast-acting drug, it represents the strength of the brand and its target.