Chromium Logo

Chromium Logo

Chromium is a Google product, which is an open-source browser. The software was developed in 2007 and has its versions available for Windows, Linux, and Android. The browser is known for its high-speed and lightweight.

Meaning and history

Chromium Logo history

The original Chromium logo was designed in 2008 and depicted a three-dimensional swirl, consisting of three parts around a blue sphere. Throughout the years the concept was left untouched, but the style and contours were modified.

In 2011 the emblem was redrawn and simplified. Now it is a flat circle, with the same patterns but calmer chases of blue. It looks modest and elegant.

The redesign of 2014 keeps the 2D shape of the logo but refined its color palette. Today the Chromium logo is a bright blue circle, combined of three details, colored in different shades of blue around a smaller bright circle in a white outline.

Chromium Logo

The Chromium logo is instantly recognizable and reflects the easy and comfortable internet surfing, evoking a sense of protection and reliability.

The blue and white color palette of the Chromium logo is a reflection of professionalism and authority of the company-developer, which aims to provide its users with the best services and internet-experience.