Safari Logo

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Safari Logo

Safari is a web-browser, designed by Apple in 2003. The browser is only supported by Apple devices but was also available for Windows for 5 years starting in 2007. Safari is the second most used browser after Google Chrome.

Meaning and history

Safari Logo history

The Safari symbol was chosen at the date of the browser’s creation. The compass has always been on the Safari logo but undergone four redesigns during the browser’s history.

2003 — 2014

The original Safari logo depicted a very detailed and realistic three-dimensional image of a compass. It was drawn with a thick silver-metal frame and a glossy surface. The compass was placed slightly diagonally. The logo was in use for more than ten years on various models, from Mac OS X Panther to Mavericks.

2007 — 2013

Logo Safari

In 2007 Apple creates square icons for iOS, so the Safari emblem was redesigned in order to fit the new pack. It is still a very detailed three-dimensional compass, but without framing. The square has rounded angles and looks stylish and confident. The logo was used from iPhone OS 1 to iOS 6.

2013 — 2017

In 2013 the simplified two-dimensional icon was created. It was used from iOS 7 to iOS 10 and depicted a rounded compass with a flat white and red needle and no lettering.

2014 — Today

The logo from 2014 features a thin silver frame and a three-dimensional silver and red compass needle. It looks solid and confident. The logo is still in use today on all the MacOS.

2017 — Today

Safari Logo

With the launch of iOS 11, Apple also refines its icons. The new Safari inborn features thinner lines and looks more elegant in its iconic blue white and red color combinations