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China Baseball League is the name of a former professional league, established in China in 2002, and closed in 2018. The League was founded by the Chinese Baseball Association, the most reputable organization in the country in this sports discipline.

Meaning and history

China Baseball League was a professional league with a tough and short history. Established by the Chinese Baseball Association in 2002, it stopped all activities ten years later, for economic reasons. Although in 2014 it was back with the new sponsor and kept organizing professional baseball championships until 2018.

The China Baseball League was the most reputable Chinese association in its kind of sport, so it couldn’t just disappear. The suspension of all operations in 2018 happened only after the league’s successor, the Chinese National Baseball League, was established.

China Baseball League had two divisions, with six teams competing in Division 1, and four teams — in Division 2. The club, which won the most title throughout the history of the league, along with the last champion’s trophy in 2018, is Tianjin Lions. Curiously, the team was established in the same year with the league, 2002, and all their glory years were shared with CBL.

What is China Baseball League?

China Baseball League was a professional sports organization, established by the Chinese Baseball Association in 2002. The league was active for ten years, and got closed in 2012, but came back two years later to stay until 2018 when the Chinese National Baseball League was formed.

In terms of visual identity, China Baseball League was very bright and intense, playing with colors and using elements with Asian vibe and character. It was a truly remarkable badge, which had everything to be remembered from first sight.

2009 – 2018

China Baseball League logo

The logo of the CBL can not be messed up with any other baseball-related badge. There’s something exotic about the China Baseball League logo. The vivid combination of red and yellow is very eye-catching in itself, while the black figures on the forefront create a striking and unusual effect.

The black figures represent baseball players at different stages of the game. Behind them, there’re large letters “C,” “B,” and “L” in yellow on the red background. The logo is bilingual: the full name of the league in English is placed above the design, while the Chinese version is placed below, set in red lines on a white background, and making up the bottom framing for the main part of the logo.