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Taittinger – is a family-managed Champagne house, founded in 1734 in France by Jacques Fourneaux. The first brand’s name was Forest-Fourneaux. In 1932, a wine merchant named Pierre Taittinger acquired the estate and relaunched it under his family name.

Meaning and history

Champagne Taittinger Logo

The Taittinger logo is more about evolution rather than revolution. It reflects the brand values of quality, sophistication and finesse. As all the leaders of Champagne industry, Taittinger has a classic logo, reflecting timeless elegance.

Above it’s bold serif wordmark The Taittinger logo has a coat of arms-like emblem. The mark consists of the wording “SIGILL THEUBALDI COMITIS CAMPANIE ET BRIE PALATINI” in stylized font used as a seal in two concentric circles with a knight in armour in the center of the circle on a horse with a cross flag and holding a sword and shield. The English translation of “Sigill Theubaldi Comitis Campanie et Brie Palatini” in the mark is Seal of Thibaut Count of Campanie, Brie and Palatin.

The Taittinger logo was redesigned only once during the last 50 years. Labels became smaller, giving a slimmer, more elegant look to the bottle and making the Taittinger wordmark more visible.

The Taittinger logo color pallet is very classic – black lettering on the white background with red and gold emblem.