BBB Logo

BBB Logo


The BBB logo consists of the torch emblem and the short name of the organization. In addition to the regular logotype, there is also a seal, which can exist in several versions.

Meaning and history

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has been extremely cautious about its logo. The only update that has taken place since 1965 didn’t change the core visual metaphor but only adjusted the logo to recent design trends.
The BBB was created in 1912. Today, its rating system is among the world’s most authoritative ones. The grades it gives to businesses show whether the Bureau supposes the business works in a trustworthy manner and whether it puts enough effort into resolving customer complaints.


The old BBB logo combined a stylized burning torch with the letters “BBB.” The name of the brand was positioned in the middle of the torch, with the flame burning above them and the lower part of the torch below.
The torch symbolized the company’s mission of “advancing marketplace trust” (according to the brand). A torch brings light to the darkest place and lets you see any hidden details. In the same way, the BBB is supposed to “enlighten” the customers and partners on any possible problems they may encounter while dealing with various companies.
The torch symbol in this meaning is quite obvious and popular. It has been used by many educational establishments. Because of this, the logo has never been truly unique, neither in its old version nor in the new one.
The type in the old logo was also a pretty generic one. The proportions of the “B’s” were classic. The serifs emphasized the “reliability” and “tradition” themes as serifs are more characteristic of older typefaces.


BBB Logo

The BBB logo grew more dynamic and minimalist, which made it look more modern, too. Yet, it preserved its core.
While in the previous version, the flame was formed by multiple strokes, in the current one, it is made up of two elements. Their shape and position suggest motion directed upwards and to the right. This direction has always been considered a symbol of something positive, so it fits the company’s aim of advancing business trust.
The handle of the torch has been removed (covered by the lettering). The pictorial part of the logo can be now seen only in the upper half of the design. This means that the logo has preserved its meaning while reducing the number of elements.
The font has grown more minimalist, too, due to the disappearance of the serifs.
The need for a simpler logo was caused not only by the design trends of the last several decades but also by the type of company. The businesses accredited by the BBB often place its logo next to theirs. So, it is essential that the Better Business Bureau logo doesn’t overshadow that of the accredited firm.


The logo depicts a stylized torch with two flames above it (the top one is the biggest). Under the emblem, there is the word “BBB” in capital letters.

Emblem in the seal

The torch emblem is part of the seal that is used by accredited businesses to identify their accreditation. Under the torch and the “BBB” lettering, the words “Accredited Business” are placed against the blue background. All the elements are placed inside a rectangular frame with rounded corners. The minimum size of the BBB seal is 1/8 inch tall, according to the logo usage guidelines provided by the organization.


The typeface featured on the BBB logo looks perfectly legible and clear. It is a traditional font that may be accused of being generic and in no way unique. However, taking into consideration the company’s specialization, it looks only natural that it steers clear of any unusual elements in its logotype. The choice emphasizes reliability and the informed, professional, and balanced judgments the Better Business Bureau is supposed to make.


The main color is the dark shade of blue that goes under the code 7469 in the Pantone Matching System. In the CMYK system, the same color has the following values: 100/31/8/38, while its RGB values are 0/90/120. The background is white. Also, the logo and the seal may be given in a simple black-and-white scheme, if it is impossible to use the regular version.

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