BBB Logo

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BBB Logo

The BBB logo consists of the torch emblem and the short name of the organization. In addition to the regular logotype, there is also a seal, which can exist in several versions.

Meaning and History logo

BBB Logo history

The Better Business Bureau was established more than a hundred years ago, in 1912, with the mission of advancing marketplace trust. Today, the number of local businesses supporting BBB exceeds 400 thousands. Better Business Bureau is comprised of over a hundred independently incorporated local organizations.


bbb symbol

The logo depicts a stylized torch with two flames above it (the top one is the biggest). Under the emblem, there is the word “BBB” in capital letters.

Emblem in the seal

BBB emblem

The torch emblem is part of the seal that is used by accredited businesses to identify their accreditation. Under the torch and the “BBB” lettering, the words “Accredited Business” are placed against the blue background. All the elements are placed inside a rectangular frame with rounded corners. The minimum size of the BBB seal is 1/8 inch tall, according to the logo usage guidelines provided by the organization.


bbb logo font

The typeface featured on the BBB logo looks perfectly legible and clear. It is a traditional font that may be accused of being generic and in no way unique. However, taking into consideration the company’s specialization, it looks only natural that it steers clear of any unusual elements in its logotype. The choice emphasizes reliability and the informed, professional, and balanced judgments the Better Business Bureau is supposed to make.


bbb logo colors

The main color is the dark shade of blue that goes under the code 7469 in the Pantone Matching System. In the CMYK system, the same color has the following values: 100/31/8/38, while its RGB values are 0/90/120. The background is white. Also, the logo and the seal may be given in a simple black-and-white scheme, if it is impossible to use the regular version.