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Ghostbusters is the name of a famous American franchise, which was introduced in 1984 by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis. The plot of the series and comics is based on a story of a team of scientists, fighting ghosts in the homes of New York citizens. After the release of the first movie, Ghostbusters became incredibly popu-lar all over the globe. The sequel was introduced in 2016.

Meaning and history

Ghostbusters Logo history

The visual identity of the famous franchise is still based on the image, created for Ghostbusters in the middle of the 1980s. Though with each new release — whether it’s a movie, a sequel, or an animation, the logo gets a little stylized to suit the new surroundings and backgrounds.

1984 – 2016

Ghostbusters Logo 1984

The Ghostbusters logo is composed of a drawing with a fun playful ghost coming out from the red circle of a Prohibition road sign. The image is usually placed direct-ly on a black or any other dark background, but sometimes is put into a logotype, replacing the letter “O”. In this case, the lettering is executed in a bold classic type-face with thick lines can and uses black color for its letters. The white ghost gets a thin black outline to be more visible on a white background.

2016 – Today

Ghostbusters logo

For the Ghostbusters movie released in 2016, the iconic logo was slightly refined. The emblem became more modern and voluminous. The red sign got its surface vivid and glossy due to the addition of gradient shades, and a thin yet confident sil-ver outline, which is also three-dimensional. As for the main hero of the logo, the ghost, its contours were also refined and strengthened, and the color palette be-came gradient too.

The black logotype in an elegant serif typeface is now changed to a bold square in-scription, with the letter “O” still replaced by the franchise’s emblem. The letters switched their main color from black to white and gained a thin black outline and a slight gray shadow, which elevate the three-dimensional look of the visual identity and adds dynamics and energy to the whole composition.


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