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Caterham is the name of an automaking brand, which was established in the United Kingdom in 1973. The company is specialized in the design and production of sports cars, which are considered to be one of the best in the world. In 2010 the brand was acquired by Team Lotus.

Meaning and history

Being a part of the luxury Lotus Group, Caterham has its visual identity based on the corporate style — the green and yellow color palette of the circular badge and white lettering on it. Though the brand also has laconic yet very stylish black minimalist logotypes which can be used on its own or be a part of a minimalist white crest with thin black lines decorating it.

The most well-known Caterham logo featured a solid yellow circle in a white outline and a smaller green circle in the center. The white “Caterham” inscription in a bold serif typeface is arched on the upper part of the yellow framing, balancing the yellow and white central element of the emblem.

The pointing down triangle with its angles rounded is placed on a green background and has a delicate white outline and the “Super 7” inscription on it, with the number enlarged and placed under the lettering. The combination does not leave any doubts about the brand’s affiliation with Lotus.

The newer version of the Caterham logo depicts a white circular badge with a black outline frame, modern black lettering on its upper part, and a solid black number “7” placed on the triangle. The badge is accompanied by the “Made in a Great Britain” tagline written in all capitals along the bottom part of the frame.

The typeface from the new minimalist logo of the brand is also used on the “Caterham Cars” logotype, which is written in monochrome and set in the uppercase.

Font and color

Caterham logo

The Caterham inscription from the green and yellow iconic badge is executed in a bold and classy serif typeface which is very similar to such fonts as ITC Souvenir Greek Demi and Bogue Bold. While the new logotype is written in a completely different font with a very progressive and free mood. The letters of the refreshed wordmark are also capitalized and slightly italicized, and they use a custom typeface with is close to Hyperspace Race Extended Bold Italic but with the edges of the letters cut diagonally and sharpened.

The green, teal low and white color palette of the original Caterham logo is a tribute to Lotus a legendary luxury car brand. This combination of colors stands for energy, vitality, and success, and evokes happy and very energetic feelings, showing the brand as a growing, developing, and a brave one.