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Volcom is the name of a sportswear brand founded in Southern California in 1991. Today Volcom is one of the world’s premium brands in the clothing and accessories market for such sports as snow-, surf- and skate-boarding, and near-sports Lifestyle.

Meaning and history

Volcom is a sportswear brand with its own philosophy, which is based on the idea that boarding sport disciplines, music, art, and cinematography combine to create inner well-being and satisfaction. Volcom is the only brand in its category that combines all three “board sports”: skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding.

Volcom offers quality stylish clothing, including accessories and shoes, reflecting the brand’s values of freedom, innovation, and love of experimentation.

The idea for the fashion brand came to two friends, Tucker Hall and Richard Woolcott when they were snowboarding back in 1990. The guys decided to create a trend in fashion that would fully correspond to their vision of modern culture and values. The first items of clothing released by the Volcom brand in 1991 were bright T-shirts with interesting drawings and inscriptions.

The brand started evolving, adding more and more items to its collections, and creating its unique recognizable style. Successful activities culminated in the opening of a network of retail stores around the world. Comfortable and practical clothes were appreciated in many countries.

Today Volcom consists of a professional design team, which fully adheres to the company’s philosophy, and embodies all the vision and outlook to extreme sports in Volcom clothes.

What is Volcom?

Volcom is a US-based manufacturer of clothing and footwear for young people. Known for its boardsports-oriented products, Volcom, Inc. emphasizes its support of young people and their right to freedom and creativity. This fact is reflected in both the companys slogan and logo.

As for the visual identity of Volcom, it looks modern yet pretty laconic and simple. The badge is composed of a wordmark and an emblem, both executed in a black-and-white color palette, and featuring clean shapes and lines.

1991 – Today

Logo Volcom

The Volcom logo, which is nicknamed the “Stone” logo, represents a diamond. It can be interpreted either as a black diamond or a white one. Due to the black and white triangles, the 2D emblem acquires depth. The diamond is placed inside a circle shape.

The slogan “Youth against Establishment” leaves no doubt as for the company’s core values.

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