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Carfax is a renowned company owned by IHS Markit. It provides vehicle history reports and information on used cars. Carfax operates in North America and offers valuable data to assist buyers in making informed decisions about their purchases.

Meaning and history

Carfax Logo history

Carfax is an American company founded by Ewin Barnett III in 1984. It has made significant contributions to the automotive industry. Carfax pioneered the concept of vehicle history reports, providing vital information about a used car’s background, including accidents, service records, and ownership history. The company’s comprehensive database and reliable reports have helped millions of car buyers make informed decisions. As of now, Carfax remains a leading provider of vehicle history information, assisting consumers and dealerships in evaluating the condition and value of used cars.

What is Carfax?
Carfax is a company that provides vehicle history reports to help buyers and sellers make informed decisions. They compile data from various sources to reveal important information about a used car’s past, including accidents, title issues, and maintenance records.

1984 – 1992

Carfax Logo 1984

The company name is done in white and placed on a vivid, textured, blue rectangular background. The blue color has always been associated with trustworthiness and reliability, while white is the color of perfection. These are the values a potential customer looks for in any company, especially one that is providing vehicle history reports. Horizontal rounded strokes, which resemble stacks of reports, form the letters. Underneath the name, the logo has “Incorporated” printed in a white, basic font.

1992 – 2001

Carfax Logo 1992

The font used for the name closely resembles Europa Grotesk SB Medium, while the “Vehicle History Service” line underneath is printed using a font similar to Pragmatica Extended Extra. The whole emblem is done in black and white, making the company look solid and professional. The logo also has a black square with eight smaller white squares inside placed next to the name. There was a spot for a missing ninth small square, which could symbolize that the service will find any shortcomings or that there is a spot for a new report and that report is going to be yours.

2001 – now

Carfax Logo

The square pattern was taken from the previous logo and presented in a new form. Each character of the name is placed on a black square, while the last letter has a white background and is aligned at the bottom instead of centered like the other letters. All the squares with the letters are grouped by a thin black outline, which created a rectangular shape with rounded corners. Underneath, it had the same tagline as in the previous logo, only the word “Service” was replaced by “Reports”. The redesign gave the emblem a fresh feel while preserving a solid brand image.