Cape Cod Baseball League logo

Cape Cod Baseball League logoCape Cod Baseball League Logo PNG

The lettering “Cape Cod” is divided by a white baseball with red seams. The baseball looks as if it was breaking the surface on which the team name is written. There’re red rays around the ball making it look like the sun.

The text on the Cape Cod Baseball League logo is given in a customized serif typeface. Behind the shape with the name of the team, there’s a navy blue rhombus.

Cape Cod Baseball League logo

What is Cape Cod Baseball League?
Cape Cod Baseball League is a college baseball league, located in Massachusetts. It was founded in 1885, and has since become one of the primary sports events of this type and caliber. Many famous major league players started off as participants in the Cape Cod.

Font and color

The font used for the brand name has a customized vintage style. All of the uppercase letters in the name are limited in the same size. They have an angular shape and tall prominent serifs. Also, the letters have red contours, giving the whole name a slight abruptness. For the lower inscription, they’ve used a typical serif typeface with the uppercase letters spread widely from one another.
The brand designers used a varied color palette to draw the brand logotype. For the inscriptions and the rhomb in the background, they decided to use a deep blue color. One of the distinctive parts of the logo – the seams surrounding the ball – is colored bright red. The background rectangle is colored white with a grey outline.