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The Cannondale logo has gone through at least three updates before it adopted its current sleek style.

Meaning and history

Cannondale Logo history
The company was based in 1971 by Joe Montgomery and Murdock MacGregor. Originally, it specialized in precast concrete housing. Today, it is called the Cannondale Bicycle Corporation and is the US division of Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries.

Cannondale Emblem

The current logo features the word “Cannondale” in an austere sans. None of the letters is capitalized. There is also an emblem showcasing a 3D letter “C.”

1971 – 1990

Cannondale Logo 1971
One of the earliest logos features a red isosceles triangle. It was standing on its longer side, while the word “Cannondale” in black was written along one of its shorter sides (the left one, to be precise). The problem with this logo was that the side of the triangle was pretty short, so the wordmark stretched far beyond it, and it looked somewhat clumsy hanging in this way.

1990 – 19??

Cannondale Logo 1990
In 1990, the company resolved the above-mentioned issue. Now, the triangle grew larger. It had three equal sides. The triangle was made up of black and white parallel stripes. Similar to the previous version, the word “Cannondale” was written along the left side of the triangle, only this time, the letters were smaller, so it was possible to get rid of the “hanging” effect.

19?? – 20??

Cannondale Logo old
We should also mention the Cannondale logo dominated by the double “C.” The glyph was made up of two open rings. Below, there was the name of the brand, which was given in lowercase letters, like in the previous version.

20?? – now

Cannondale Logo