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The AFL includes 18 teams from five Australia’s states. The design of each AFL team logo is unique as each team has its own distinctive features.

Meaning and history

Afl Logo history

The Australian Football League, the highest-level competition in the sport of Australian rules football, has a sporty and at the same time a patriotic logo. It has gone through two modifications that touched the overall shape but left the color scheme unchanged.

1972 — 1975

AFL Logo 1972

1976 — 1989

AFL Logo 1976

1990 — 1999

AFL Logo 1990

The Australian Football League logo history began in 1990 when the Victorian Football League was renamed as the Australian Football League. The change of the name caused by the competition spreading to other states led to rebranding.

The first AFL football logo was adopted in 1990. It preserved the shield shape and some elements of the old Victorian Football League logo which had been in use for 13 years. The shape of the shield was slightly altered, though. The letter “V” was gone, of course. Instead of it the letter “A” appeared.

This is what exactly the 1990 emblem looked like ‒ a shield in blue (brighter than in the previous logo) with the image of a white football of an oval shape (the Sherrin football) and a stylized letter “A” in red and white in the top right corner.

2000 — Today

AFL logo

In 1999 the AFL redesigned its insignia to give it a more contemporary feel. The new design displays the abbreviation “AFL” against the background of a red oval outlined in white and blue. The letters are in white with a blue outline, the effect being a 3-D format. The top-left end of the letter “A” and the top-right end of the letter “L” have stylized elements that look like small wings which most probably symbolize speed.

The oval shape of the symbol refers to both the playing field and a football. The four vertical lines in white color with a blue outline positioned above the abbreviation represent goal posts.


afl logos pictures

There is every chance that the typeface for the letters A, F and L was custom made.


australian football league logo

The color palette of the logo is represented by the following colors ‒ USAFA Blue (#00529B), Alizarin Crimson (#E21E31) and White (#FFFFFF).