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Canada Dry is a brand of a beverage manufacturer, which was established in 1904. The most famous product of the label is its ginger ale, which is being distributed not only in North America but also in Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Meaning and history

Canada Dry Logo history

The Canada Dry visual identity is an example of the consistency and value of the roots and heritage. The brand still uses the logo, created for it at the beginning of the 20th century; it as only been refined and cleaned by today, coming through five redesigns during the years.

What is Canada Dry?
Canada Dry is a brand of soft drink from the United States, which was established in 1890. Like most drinks, it was created in a pharmacy, by a young Canadian pharmacist. The drink was so delicious that it was even supplied to royal courts.

1904 – ????

Canada Dry Logo 1904

The Canada Dry logo from 1904 is a classic and richly detailed design that reflects the early 20th-century aesthetic. The logo features a vibrant map of North America, with Canada highlighted prominently in a pink hue, contrasting with the blue and yellow surrounding regions. At the center of the map, a beaver, a quintessential Canadian symbol, sits proudly atop the text “CANADA DRY.” The lettering is bold and ornate, with a distinct shadow effect that gives it a three-dimensional appearance. Below this, the words “PALE GINGER ALE” are displayed in equally grand typography, underscoring the product’s identity. Further down, the manufacturer’s name, “J.J. McLaughlin Manufacturing Chemists,” is noted, along with the cities of Toronto and Montreal, grounding the brand in its Canadian roots. The overall design is enclosed within a simple yet elegant border, adding to its vintage charm. This logo encapsulates the brand’s heritage and its strong connection to Canadian identity and geography.

1953 – 1987

Canada Dry Logo 1953

The 1953 Canada Dry logo embodies a refined and regal aesthetic, indicative of the brand’s prestige. Central to the design is a shield, a traditional symbol of strength and protection, rendered in a rich gold outline. Within the shield, a stylized map of North America is displayed in green and white, emphasizing the brand’s Canadian heritage and its expansive reach. The bold, red text “CANADA DRY” dominates the center of the shield, written in a strong, sans-serif font that conveys confidence and clarity. Above the shield, a gold crown rests, signifying the brand’s royal endorsement and high quality. This crown features intricate detailing, adding a touch of sophistication to the logo. The overall design is both elegant and authoritative, capturing the essence of Canada Dry’s premium image. The use of bold colors and traditional symbols effectively communicates the brand’s legacy and its commitment to excellence in the beverage industry.

1973 – 1987

Canada Dry Logo 1973

The 1973 Canada Dry logo introduces a dynamic and modern design, reflective of the era’s bold aesthetic. The logo features a green and red color scheme, divided diagonally across the background to create a vibrant and eye-catching contrast. In the upper left corner, the classic Canada Dry shield is retained, featuring the green map of North America with the text “CANADA DRY” in red, maintaining continuity with previous designs. This shield is enclosed within a white border, ensuring it stands out against the colorful background. The main text, “CANADA DRY,” is prominently displayed in large, white, uppercase letters that span across the logo, tilted to match the diagonal background division. This text is bold and dynamic, conveying a sense of energy and modernity. The overall design is fresh and contemporary, capturing the spirit of the 1970s while preserving the brand’s iconic elements. It effectively balances tradition with innovation, appealing to both long-time customers and a new generation of consumers.

1987 – 2000

Canada Dry Logo 1904

The original Canada Dry logo was introduced in 1987 and has not been changed for more than 70 years. It was a sleek wide crest with a map-pattern, showing the contours of Canada in white and green, enclosed in a gradient gold frame with a gold crown on top. The “Canada Dry” wordmark in red was placed over the crest in two levels, executed in a bold serif typeface.

2000 – 2010

The glossy and cool emblem was introduced in 2000 and boasted a sleek silver background of the crest, a dark green outline, and the stylized minimalist crown above it. The wordmark in an intense red was executed in a modern sans-serif typeface with solid and massive letters and a thin white outline. The map pattern of the background was accompanied by silver and white image of the snow mountain on the bottom of the badge, and an arched green inscription “Since 1904” on its upper part.

2010 – Today

Canada Dry Logo

In 2010 two versions of the logo were created, and they are both in use today, one — in North America, and the second — Internationally. The American emblem features a bright green, yellow and red color palette, with some gradient shades and straight letter lines, while the global badge is drawn in silver, green and red and boasts smooth elongated lines and a plain white background, which adds cleanness and elegance to the whole composition. The crown of this version looks like a bottle cap, turned upside-down.

2010 – Today (International)

Canada Dry Logo 2010-now

The current Canada Dry logo, introduced in 2010, is a sleek and modern evolution of the brand’s visual identity. Central to the design is the iconic shield, now rendered in a clean and minimalist style. The shield is outlined in a subtle gold, adding a touch of elegance without overwhelming the design. Inside the shield, the familiar green and white map of North America remains, signifying the brand’s heritage. The bold, red text “CANADA DRY” is positioned prominently in the center, written in a modern, sans-serif font that is both clean and impactful. Above the shield, a simplified crown is placed, symbolizing the brand’s quality and royal endorsement. This crown is more abstract compared to earlier versions, fitting the contemporary aesthetic. The overall design is streamlined and sophisticated, reflecting Canada Dry’s commitment to tradition and innovation. The use of bold colors and clear typography ensures that the logo is easily recognizable, maintaining its legacy while appealing to modern consumers.

2022 – Today (Canada)

Canada Dry Logo

In 2022 the company has introduced a new badge, which will be used for the product packaging in Canada. The two-leveled red lettering crosses a bold gold and green crest with elegant traditional contours and sleek details. The solid green crown is complementing the Royal look of the new badge.

Canada Dry Logo

Font and color

The bold sans-serif lettering from the international logo of Canada Dry is set in a clean geometric font, which is pretty close to Ocean Sans Bold and Salzburg Serial ExtraBold typeface, but with slight modifications. As for the Canadian version of the logo, it uses a more elegant style of lettering, with flared sharp ends of the lines. The closest fonts to the one, used for this wordmark, are Rodfat Two and Delighter Script Bold.

As for the color palette of the Canada Dry visual identity, it is based on the combination of red and green, with yellow gold, and white additions, creating a stronger and brighter contrast. The shades of the badge create a modern and progressive look, evoking a sense of professionalism and power.


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