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Calle 23, a distinguished tequila brand, is celebrated for crafting high-quality tequila using traditional methods. Currently, the company concentrates on producing a range of tequilas that cater to both novices and connoisseurs. With North America and Europe being its primary markets, Calle 23 has managed to carve a niche for itself among tequila enthusiasts. Founded by Sophie Decobecq, a passionate biochemist-turned-master-distiller, the company remains under her astute guidance. Her dedication to authenticity and flavor innovation has cemented Calle 23’s reputation in the global spirits arena.

Meaning and history

Calle 23’s journey is an intriguing blend of passion, science, and tradition. The company’s origin traces back to the early 2000s when Sophie Decobecq, a French biochemist with a penchant for distillation, ventured into the heart of Mexico. With a foundation in cognac and rum distillation from her time in France and the Caribbean, Sophie was captivated by the art of tequila-making.

Initially, Sophie’s intent wasn’t to start her own brand. However, as she delved deeper into the tequila culture, she recognized a potential market gap for a product that married traditional techniques with a modern twist. This realization led her to establish Calle 23 in 2009.

From its inception, Calle 23 was unique. Sophie, with her scientific background, meticulously experimented with yeast varieties, distillation processes, and aging techniques. Her goal was to create a tequila that stood out, not just in taste but also in its crafting process.

The early days were challenging. Establishing a brand in a market dominated by giants required perseverance. Yet, Calle 23’s dedication to quality and Sophie’s innovative approaches paid off. The brand began gaining traction, especially among tequila aficionados who appreciated the nuanced flavors and authenticity.

In terms of ownership, Calle 23 has remained consistent, with Sophie at its helm. Her presence ensured that the brand retained its core values and vision. There might have been minor shifts in production techniques, always in the pursuit of excellence, but the essence remained intact.

One significant evolution in Calle 23’s story was its expansion into aged tequilas. Initially focusing on the pure expression of agave in their Blanco, the company later introduced Reposado and Añejo versions. These aged variants, resting in oak barrels, added depth and complexity to the brand’s portfolio.

Today, Calle 23 is a testament to a dream that merged science with tradition. Its success story is not just about a product but also about a woman’s dedication to preserving a cultural legacy while infusing it with innovation.


Calle 23 Logo

The image showcases a minimalist yet sophisticated logo for “CALLE 23 tequila.” Dominating the upper half is the word “CALLE” in an elegant uppercase serif font. Directly beneath, the number “23” takes center stage, rendered in a bold, distinctive style with pronounced curves. The number exudes character, especially with the stylized “2” that possesses an extended top curve. Below this, in a flowing cursive script, the word “tequila” is gracefully penned, lending a touch of artisanal flair to the composition. The entire design, devoid of extraneous elements, exudes an aura of premium quality and timeless appeal.

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