California League Logo

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California League was a baseball event, held by Minor Baseball League for Californian and Nevadan teams. The matches were held until 2020, although only the name really changed. There are still 8 teams from West Coast playing it out every year. These matches were held since 1941.

Meaning and History

The first season of this league was arranged in 1941, but the California-based tournaments were held even earlier. The latest matches were amongst the most popular sports events on the West Coast. The 2019-2020 season was the last to be held. The current league is called Low-A West, although the idea is the same.

1941 – today

California League Logo

The centerpiece of the logo is the map of California, made in a volumetric sort of drawing and colored red, blue and gold. Above it, there was a baseball depicted on the California League logo is encircled by gold rays, a reference to the ‘Sun State’ moniker of California.

Below the baseball, there’s the lettering ‘California’ in gold. Instead of a straight line, the letters create a wave. Below, there’s a red ribbon with the text ‘League’ in white. There’s also the lettering ‘Est. 1941’ in the same color below.