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Established in 2016 by hockey federations of Austria, Italia, and Slovenia, the Alps Hockey League is based in Central Europe.

The Alps Hockey League logo features a geometric shape with six angles. Inside, there’re stylized letters “AHL” in blue, red, and green respectively. Over the letters, there’s the full name of the league in black. While this is the primary AlpsHL logo, the league also has a sponsored logotype including the wordmark “Sky.” The wordmark in white is placed above the main logo, over the black background. Together with the black part, the emblem forms a classic shield shape.

What is Alps Hockey League?
Alps Hockey League is the name of the hockey league, established in 2016 and consisting of 17 teams from Italy, Austria, and Slovenia. Founded as a result of a merger between two leagues, today the AlpsHL is one of the most reputable and well-known winter sports organizations in Europe.

Font and color

Alps Hockey League Logo

Although the full wordmark is not the most important and noticeable part of the Alps Hockey League’s visual identity, it is pretty well balanced and supports the cleanliness and distinction of all lines in the badge.

The uppercase lettering in black is written in a straight horizontal line, executed in a very simple and traditional sans-serif typeface, which is pretty similar to such fonts as Lost & Foundry FS Castle, Organetto Bold, and Leto Sans Bold. The straight lines and cuts work well in black and add a professional accent along with a sense of stability to a super bright crest of the Alps Hockey League.

The color palette of the AlpsHL is the key. Drawn in super bright, bordering with acid colors, the logo does not look childish or caricaturist, and it’s all due to that modest black lettering addition. The color scheme of the Alps Hockey League logo is composed of blue, red, and green colors in their most intense and bright shades. Blue is the most prevailing color, as apart from being used for one of three letters on the shield, it is also the color of the logo’s framing.

Blue is associated with snow and hockey most, while red is for victory and competition, and green is for growth and movement. The combination of these three colors makes the Alps Hockey League badge eye-catching, memorable, and perfectly reflects the essence and mood of the sports organization.

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