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Calcio is the name of an online-streaming platform, where visitors from all over the globe can watch live football matches from European football leagues. The website specialized mainly in Italian football, but streams all the important and big games of other leagues too.

Meaning and history

The Italian streaming service for European football leagues matches, Calcio, is available to visit from every corner of the world. Users can watch games online with no registration or subscription. The website is very easy to use and apart from online streaming here you can find the results of the latest matches.

What is Calcio?

Calcio is a football streaming service, which was founded in Italy, but today is available to watch from everywhere in the world. The website specialized in Italian Football League matches, but you can also see the major games from other European leagues.

In terms of visual identity, the platform chose to be bright yet conservative in design. The emblem of the Calcio website looks a bit nostalgic due to the simple shapes and color combinations.

 2021 – Today

Calcio Logo

The Calcio logo is composed of a boldly outlined inscription in the uppercase of a strict and clean sans-serif typeface. The lettering is set in dark red and placed on a bright red background, with only a thin white outline and blurred white shadow making it readable. The letter “O” of the world anti is replaced by a three-dimensional soccer ball in its traditional black-and-white pattern.

The logotype is followed by the “.tw” or “.ga” (depending on the current address of the platform), written in the same size and typeface as the main part, but executed in a reverse color palette — white square dot, and two white letters in a thin light red outline. Although the shadow of the last two letters is absolutely the same as on the “Calcio” part.