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Meaning and history

Cagliari Logo history

All the logos used by Cagliari Calcio since the 1950s have been inspired by the flag of the island of Sardinia, where the Italian soccer club is located.

1935 – 1971

Cagliari Logo 1935

While the soccer club was officially founded in 1920, there’s little to be said about its first logos. The earliest notable Cagliari logo was probably the one used from the 1950s to 1971. Here, you can see a shield divided into two fields, a red one (to the left) and a very dark blue (to the right). On the dark blue field, the legendary Four Moors from the flag of Sardinia can be seen. At the top of the shield, the gold lettering “U.S. Cagliary” on the white background can be seen.

1971 – 1900s

Cagliari Logo 1971

In the version used in 1971-1993, the heads grew larger, while the blue grew lighter.

1980s – 1900s

Cagliari Logo 1980s
The club continued to use Four Moors from the flag of Sardinia as the main element of its logo. The profiles were done in black and had yellow wraps. A red cross separated the four profiles. The emblem itself acquired a round form with the wide border being split into blue and red halves. The blue portion featured “Unione Sportiva”, while the red one had “Cagliari”. Both inscriptions had white, sans-serif font and all uppercase letters.

1993 – 1995

Cagliari Logo 1993

In 1993 the shape of the Cagliari crest was changed to a more elegant and classy one. The softened triangle pointing down with both sides arched from the center was now executed in a dark blue and red color palette with the Italian flag ribbon waving at its bottom part, and a white-and-black wordmark banner placed above the top border of the crest. The central element was drawn in a smaller size in white and black, balancing the lettering.

1995 – 2010

Cagliari Logo 1995

The redesign of 1995 introduced a bold and modern version of the Cagliari logo. The blue and red crest was now placed in an oval, which was vertically divided into two equal parts — dark blue on the left, and red on the right. The lettering turned white and was now written above the triangular crest, inside the oval, using a traditional sans-serif typeface for its capitals. The “1920” datemark was also added to the new badge, placed under the crest in the same style as the “Cagliari Calcio” inscription.

2010 – 2011

Cagliari Logo 2010

The colors of the Cagliari badge got brighter in 2010. White lettering on the badge turned to gold, with the ornate leafy gold frame added around the oval medallion. The typeface of the “Cagliari Calcio” wordmark was switched to a bold serif one, to elevate the elegance and sophistication of the refreshed gold blue, and red composition.

2011 – 2015

Cagliari Logo 2011

The redesign of 2011 kept the color palette of the badge but darkened the shades of blue, red, and gold. As for the elements of the visual identity, they all remained the same, only the frame turned minimalist — it was now smooth and clean thick golden outline, adding confidence and professionalism to the overall classy mood of the Cagliari Calcio insignia.

2015 – Today

Cagliari logoThe flag of Sardinia features four heads and the red cross, which is known in heraldry under the name of the Cross of Saint George. The most known explanation of the emblem is that these are the heads of the Moorish princes defeated by the Aragonese.


Cagliari Logo

The current Cagliari Calcio logo features a sans serif type, which is by far better legible than its predecessor.



While the combination of blue, red, and white has been present on all the logos, the shades have been modified over time.

Cagliari Colors

HEX COLOR: #002350;
RGB: (0 35 80)
CMYK: (100 90 38 39)

RGB: (173 0 42)
CMYK: (21 100 88 15)

RGB: (255 255 255)
CMYK: (0 0 0 0)