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Bryant Bulldogs is the name of an athletic program from Bryant University, a private educational institution; which was established in 1863, and is based in Smithfield, Rhode Island. The program is composed of 22 men’s and women’s teams, which play in the first division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

Meaning and history

After becoming a part of the first division of the NCAA in 2008, the Bryant Bulldogs teams joined the Northeast Conference, an intercollegiate athletic organization; which was established in 1981, and consists of ten college members. Before that, the athletic program Bryant University was playing in the North-East 10 Conference, affiliated with the second division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

What is Bryant Bulldogs?

Bryant Bulldogs is a collegiate athletic program of Bryant University, which consists of 22 teams, 11 men’s and 11 women’s, competing in various sports disciplines, including indoor and outdoor Track and Field, Swimming and Diving, Basketball, Baseball, and several others.

In terms of visual identity, the athletic program of Bryant University has its logo based on the image of the program’s mascot — Tupper the bulldog, which became a symbol of the team in 1995. Since then the funny dog has always had its place on the logos of the Bryant Bulldogs. As for the color palette, here the teams also prefer not to experiment much, university is an elegant and light combination of beige, white and gold shades with black accents.

2005 — Today

Bryant Bulldogs Logo

The logo of Bryant Bulldogs, designed in 2005, features a combination of a graphical emblem and a three-leveled inscription, set under it. Both elements are placed on a plain beige background, which softens the mood and style of the badge and makes it look sophisticated and timeless.

The graphical part of the logo depicts an angry and pretty old bulldog, executed in the same shade of beige, that is used for the background. The dog’s drawing boasts a medium-thick black outline and sharp white details all over its head and body, which add some motion to the badge and make it look more realistic. The dog is bearing a silver-gray collar with small spikes, which elevate that “dangerous” mood it evokes.

As for the lettering, set under the drawing, it is placed on a solid black banner with the bottom right corner rounded, and three others — sharp and clean. The banner is outlined in white and has three lines of letters written over it in white and beige. The upper and bottom levels of the wordmark are executed in large capitals, while the middle line is set in smaller size and uses golden-beige as the main color, and white as the one for the outline.