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Taurus is a brand of a firearms manufacturing company, which was established in 1939 in Brazil. The gun company is a division of a huge conglomerate, which also specializes in metals, plastics, and construction.

Meaning and history

The Taurus visual identity is confident and modern. Based on a wordmark and an emblem on its left, it keeps the legacy of the previous versions, elevating them to the new level.

The Taurus wordmark in all the capitals is executed in a contemporary and sleek sans-serif typeface. The unique character of the lettering was created by the diagonal cut of the letter edges and the diagonal “A” bar.

The Taurus emblem, taken from the previous logo, shows the bull’s head turned right. It is a symbol of strength and masculinity, reflecting the fight spirit and power. The contour has distinct and confident lines and is drawn in orange.

Taurus Logo

The previous Taurus logo version was a rounded emblem with the bull inside, he was turned left. The lettering was in a smooth rounded typeface and placed around the emblem’s perimeter. It was executed in a monochrome palette and was a remarkable logo.

The current Taurus visual identity uses a deep gray and orange color palette. It reflects the company’s energy and strength, showing it as progressive and active. The gray of the lettering adds a sense of stability and confidence.