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The British School of Motoring (BSM) is a renowned driving school owned by Acacius Learning Group. It provides comprehensive driving instruction and training programs across the United Kingdom, helping learners acquire essential driving skills and gain confidence on the road.

Meaning and history

British School of Motoring Logo history

The British School of Motoring (BSM) was founded in 1910 by Hugh Stanley Roberts. It is one of the oldest and most reputable driving schools in the United Kingdom. BSM has played a significant role in providing quality driving lessons and shaping the driver training industry. Over the years, BSM has trained millions of drivers, contributing to road safety and promoting responsible driving. With a focus on customer satisfaction and professional instruction, BSM has built a strong reputation and remains a leading driving school in the UK.

What is British School of Motoring?
The British School of Motoring (BSM) is a well-established driving school in the United Kingdom. It offers driving lessons and courses to help individuals obtain their driving licenses and improve their driving skills.

194? – 198?

British School of Motoring Logo 1940

A red caricature drawing with a few black details of an individual behind a wheel. The rough edge of the drawing can be interpreted in two ways: the individual is either afraid to drive or is having the best experience of his or her life. This image is quite appropriate considering that right underneath, the logo says “British School of Motoring”. It is printed in black, capitalized, sans-serif letters in three lines. To balance out the red figure at the top, the logo has a red “L”, which likely symbolizes “learning”. The whole emblem has a thin outline that creates a vertical rectangle with rounded corners.

198? – 199?

British School of Motoring Logo 1980

This logo reminds of a road sign, which is a perfect association for a driving school. It is done as a white triangle with rounded corners and a red border. The logo depicts the same figure of an individual behind the wheel, only now there is no wheel and black details. At the bottom of the triangle, the logo has the abbreviation of the full name. “BSM” is printed in red, sans-serif letters using thick, smooth strokes.

199? – 2003

British School of Motoring Logo 1990

This logo looks more solid and professional. The name abbreviation is printed in white against the dark gray rectangular background. The characters feature elegant flare serifs and thick strokes to create an image of a trustworthy organization. The designers preserved the red color used by BSM for many years and added it as a line going across the top of the logo.

2003 – now

British School of Motoring Logo

This version has nothing in common with the previous emblems besides the organization’s name. “BSM” is printed in orange using a polished, stylish font. It reminds of Vinyl Regular or Paramount Regular typefaces, only with more rounded turns in the “M”. The logo does not have any other elements. Its minimalistic design makes the emblem look very modern, while a bright color is a good attention grabber.

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