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Bob the Builder is a British animation show for kids, which was released in 1998 and tells about Bob, who helps to build and renovate different projects. The tv-show is extremely popular in not Great Britain and the USA.

Meaning and history

Bob the Builder Logo history

Being an animated tv-program, Bob the Builder features a bright and colorful visual identity. The Bob the Builder logo is composed of a rectangular with a wordmark on it.

The frame of the rectangular is deep blue with 6 cogs in it, which shows Bob’s profession. The main background color is also blue but in a lighter shade. And has a diagonal grid pattern.

The most important element of the TV-show’s visual identity is its wordmark. It is executed in a custom condensed font, with thick geometric lines and a thin red outline for the “Bob” part. Each of three letters consists of two parts, like in the kid’s building kit.

symbol Bob the Builder

“The Builder” is written in a more traditional sans serif typeface and placed inside a red rectangle, where “The” is smaller and placed vertically.

The blue yellow and red color palette of the Bob the Builder logo evokes a happy and welcoming feeling. It is funny, it is bright and it is instantly recognizable and loved by kids across the globe.

1999 – 2010

Bob the Builder Logo 1999

2010 – 2015

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2015 – Today

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