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Blackpink is the name of the Korean music-band, which was formed in 2016 and released their first album in the same year. The group consists of four girls, who are incredibly popular in the social media. The Blackpink music genre is k-pop.

Meaning and history

Blackpink logo

Blackpink is a band with a very distinct image. It is young, it is energetic, it is stylish. The band’s visual identity is a perfect accompaniment to its character and music genre.

The Blackpink logo is composed of a wordmark, that is placed on a rectangular background. The color palette of the logo is black and pink, where the nameplate and the background usually alternate its’  colors. Sometimes the logotype is framed in a contrast rectangular.

What is BlackPink?
BlackPink is the most famous girls’ band in the world. The pop band was founded in South Korea in 2016, and by today has become a symbol of k-pop, known all over the globe. The band, composed of four members, is the only k-pop girls’ band, which managed to get into the Billboard Hot 100 ranking.

The traditional Helvetica typeface of the all-caps lettering is balanced by reversed letters “C” and “N”, and “A” without its horizontal bar. It makes the logo unique and recognizable, celebrating the young and passionate spirit on the quartet.

Blackpink emblem

The Blackpink band chose its name because the pink color is a commonly known representation of femininity, and the black is strong and masculine, so the group wanted to show, that they are not only beautiful ladies, but also strong and talented individuals.

The Blackpink logo is minimalist and modern, with its bold and clean lines it is a reflection of style and fashion, which all four girls value a lot.

Font and color

The stylish and modern BlackPink logotype is executed in a bold geometric sans-serif typeface with clean thick lines and straight cuts of the letters. The fonts, which are pretty similar to the band’s logo are Draft B Extra Bold and Enamelplate B, but it looks unique and memorable due to some extra details. The horizontal bar of the letter “A” is to move, which adds sharpness and makes the whole logo more angular, and the mirrored “C” and “N” add charm and playfulness.

Blackpink logo

The band’s official color palette is based on the shades, which compose its name — black and pink. The minimalist logo is available in three different color combinations — monochrome, light pink on white, and pink and black.

Blackpink logo

When executed in monochrome, it evokes a sense of seriousness, stability, and professionalism, and when the light pink color appears on the emblem, it adds tenderness and femininity, along with elegance and chic.