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Tokio Hotel is the name of a German music band, performing a pop-rock style. It was formed in 2001 and today is a part of the Universal Music label. Tokio Hotel is widely recognizable around the world.

Meaning and history

Tokio Hotel Logo history

2005 — 2014

Tokio Hotel Logo 2005

The very first logo for Tokio Hotel was introduced in 2005 and boasted a traditional italicized lettering in a bold sans-serif, placed under the emblem, enclosed into a circular frame. Both the word mark and the emblem had some light black “splashes” around them, which made the logo look unique and memorable.

2014 — 2017

Tokio Hotel Logo 2014
The redesign of 2014 kept the iconic emblem almost untouched and placed it above the newly written logotype, removing the splashes and circular frame. The new inscription was executed in two styles — the upper level, with “Tokio”, was a handwritten sharp brush-like inscription, while the “Hotel”, placed under it, was written in a fancy and modern Sans-serif type.

2017 — Today

Tokio Hotel logo
In 2017 the band introduced its new logo, which boasts a new color palette and a refined shape of its iconic symbol. The emblem is now drawn in a three-dimensional way with its surface gaining a triangular shape and a gradient pink and yellow color palette with some green accents. The lettering is now set in one level under the emblem, and its uppercase letters are executed in a clean yet modern narrowed Sans-serif typeface. The white wordmark and bright emblem are usually set on a black background.