Tokio Hotel Logo

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Tokio Hotel Logo
Tokio Hotel is the name of a German music band, performing a pop-rock style. It was formed in 2001 and today is a part of the Universal Music label. Tokio Hotel is widely recognizable around the world.

Meaning and history

Tokio Hotel Logo history

The Tokio Hotel logo is composed of a wordmark in two different fonts and a band’s signature emblem.
The “Tokio” part of the nameplate is executed in a hand-written typeface, slightly italicized, with bold lines. The “Hotel” part of the logotype is an all-caps lettering in modified Insignia font, with the letter “E” featuring only three parallel bars.
The famous Tokio Hotel emblem is a minimalist graphical representation of the band’s name — first letters “T” and “H”. The “T” has an elongated and sharpened tail, while the turned “H” can be seen in two parallel lines on the top of the “T”. The emblem resembles a cross but has no hidden religious meanings in it.
Tokio Hotel emblem
The monochrome palette of the logo makes it stylish and modern, with distinct unique lines, it is an instantly recognizable and strong work.
The band uses its “TH” symbol in an open circle frame as an icon when there is a need for shortening the name.