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Glo Gang is not just a record label, established by the popular rap musician Chief Keef, but a huge brand, which represents the roots and philosophy of the musician and his “gang”.

Meaning and history

In 2011 Chief Keef founded the unofficial movement Glory Boyz Entertainment, which included only the people closest to him: Fredo, his younger brother Caper Boy, Blood Money, Capo, his brothers Doowop and T-Slick, Tadoe, Ballout, Lil Flash, Gino Marley, SD, Lil Reese, Terintino, Tray Savage, ManeMane.

Initially, the band was not conceived as a label or any organization with a commercial bias. GBE was a product of the environment where these guys grew up. The values underlying the movement were Authenticity, loyalty, respect, and loyalty.

The official launch of the Glory Boyz Entertainment label was in 2012. After receiving contract money from the record company Interscope, Chief Keef was also allowed to start his label, thus becoming the youngest artist in music history to do so. He was only 16 years old at the time.

The fate of the band was frankly triumphant. In the period from 2012 to 2014, the guys set a lot of trends, literally a few years ahead of time. From the clothes and manner of speech to the sound and covers of mixtapes, a lot was adopted from GBE by other artists years later.

In January 2014 Chief Keef decides to rename GBE to Glo Gang, which means “Glory Gang”. The essence has not changed, only the visual identity has changed, and Chief Keef was helped by his friend, graphic designer, artist, and photographer Colourful Mula.

What is Glo Gang?
Glo Gang is the name of a brand of the famous American rapper Chief Keef. Which emerged from his record label Glory Boys Entertainment, established in 2011. Today Glo Gang is much more than just a music label but is a symbol of rap culture and lifestyle.

In terms of visual identity, Glo Gang has chosen brightness and boldness, using a graphical emblem, which brilliantly reflects the mood and the spirit of the Chief Keef’s band. The emblem was designed by Colorful Mula in 2014 and hasn’t been changed as of 2023.

2014 – Today

Glo Gang Logo

The Glo Gang logo depicts a stylized Suncorp drinking from a white paper cup with a small black mark on it. The sun is drawn in orange and yellow, with black contours and enlarged white and black eyes under massive geometric eyebrows, formed by two diagonally-oriented rectangles with softened edges. The sun is wearing white gloves, making up the whole bottom part of the badge set in white and black, balancing the colorful upper part of the emblem.

Font and color

Glo Gang Emblem

The bright graphical logo of Glo Gang has no lettering on it, hence there is no typeface used for the emblem. As for the color palette of the Glo Gang’s visual identity, it is based on two main shades — orange and yellow, and two secondary ones — white and black. The first two stand for passion and energy, while the secondary shades add a sense of confidence and strength.