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The most widely used Bitcoin logo consists of two parts: the BTC symbol and the wordmark next to it. Both the BTC symbol and the logo have gone through quite a few modifications since the cryptocurrency was released as open-source software in 2009.

Meaning and history

Bitcoin Logo history

The globally recognized capital “B” symbol wasn’t used in the original versions of the Bitcoin client. Instead, the letters “BC” could be seen.

Bitcoin Logo

Old logo

Logo Bitcoin

However, in the course of time, when it became clear that the project is going to be successful, the need for a new symbol that would look more like other currency symbols became extremely urgent. It was the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, who came up with the first version of the emblem. He posted it on February 24, 2010, on the BitcoinTalk forum. The sign represents one Bitcoin, which is an equivalent of 100 million satoshis. Later, other participants of the discussion also came up with their ideas.

Eventually, the participants decided that the symbol should conform to certain instructions that give anyone a chance to duplicate it provided he or she sticks to concise sizes and ratios. In this way, identical signs can be used on all sorts of media. The basic structure of the BTC logo was formed by three elements: a rectangle, a small circle, and a curve.

Symbol evolution

Symbol Bitcoin

Later, the Bitcoin official logo was modified by Satoshi, who added two vertical strokes. The current version was crafted by Bitboy. The cryptocurrency has the currency code BTC, which is not officially registered.

Emblem symbolism

Emblem Bitcoin

“8” serves as a numeric sign for “B” (for Block). 12.5% also symbolizes “8” and “B” (it is an eighth).

What about the two vertical strokes? The first thing, they are supposed to evoke the US dollar. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice that they can only be seen above and below the “B,” while the stroke on the dollar sign is different. Because of this, it looks as if the “B” has been placed over the “$.” This symbolizes that the old international currency – the dollar – has been replaced by Bitcoin.


The first attempt to include the sign in the Unicode system in 2011 failed. However, in late 2015, the Bitcoin received its symbol in the Unicode standard. Before that moment, users borrowed symbols that bore some resemblance to the Bitcoin symbol, for instance, the Thai Baht or the capital “B” with a short horizontal stroke.

Today, the sign is included in Unicode 10.0 (code point U+20BF) and has font supports across a variety of software releases, from iOS and Android O beta to some of the Linux products.


Color Bitcoin Logo

The sign itself is typically given in white on the orange background, while the wordmark is light grey. The 3D version features various shades of yellow. The yellow and orange color theme seems to be perfectly natural as it evokes gold.