BIDV (Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam) is a state-owned financial organization, established in Hanoi in 1957. One of the largest and strongest banks in Vietnam, BIDV operates across the country through its numerous branches and ATMs and has a net income of about 70 million USD.

Meaning and history

BIDV Logo history


Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam is considered to be one of the strongest and most reputable financial organizations in its country, and its visual identity shows the bank’s value of traditions and roots, though also makes it obvious how the bank progresses and grows.

The iconic BIDV emblem was adopted by the bank in 1991 and hasn’t changed much by today, but the refinement of the contours and the typefaces of the lettering shows how the company develops and moves.

1991 – 2003

BIDV Logo-1991

The logo, created for BIDV in 1991 was composed of a geometric emblem with a stylized monogram and a thin lightweight wordmark under it. The rhomboid emblem with a white background and red outline featured a bold wide letter “V” placed on its bottom part, repeating the contours of the rhombus, and the intertwined “ID” above it. The “ID” looked like a solid blue horizontal rectangle with its right side arched and a red vertical rectangle placed over it.

As for the lettering, it was written in all capitals of a simple sans-serif typeface with neat contours and was executed in blue.

2003 – 2008

BIDV Logo-2003

In 2003 the emblem became smaller and was placed on the right from the lettering, which was redrawn and became bolder and more solid. The letters gained thicker lines, but kept the original style and typeface, being only slightly narrowed in comparison to the previous version.

2009 – 2022

BIDV Logo 2009


In 2009 the BIDV logo was refined again. The horizontal composition remained untouched, though all the lines of the inscription and emblem became thicker and more confident. The colors of the visual identity were also slightly elevated, and the blue became softer and friendlier.

2022 – Today

BIDV logo

The redesign of 2022 has changed the color palette and the graphical emblem of the BIDV visual identity. The new badge of the bank is set in green and yellow; with the uppercase lettering in green executed in a fancy and elegant sans-serif typeface, where the letter “V” has its right bar slightly elongated and sharpened, bent to the right. As for the graphical part of the logo, it was completely redrawn and now boasts a yellow flower with a white five-pointed star in the center.

Font and color

The BIDV wordmark is executed in a clean traditional sans-serif typeface with classic contours and cuts. Its bold letters are written in a font, which is pretty close to Hypersans Black or Heavy.

The blue, red, and white color palette of the BIDV visual identity is not only a tribute to Vietnam, which official color is red but also a reflection of reliability, professionalism, and power of the bank, along with warmth, attention, and safety it tends to give to all of its customers.