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Bitci is the name of a Turkish crypto exchange platform, which was established in 2018. The platform has a really good reputation on the international cryptocurrency market, as it is constantly upgrading, implementing new mechanisms constantly, and trying to lower the trading fees so that the clients could make maximum out of it.

Meaning and history

Bitci is the crypto-currency Exchange portal, launched in 2018. The Turkish company does its best for the development of the platform, and today Bitci supports dozens of crypto exchange pairs, provides a secure environment, and offers analytic services.

What is Bitci?

Bitci is the Turkish crypto portal, which was established in 2018. The platform specializes in crypto-currency exchange and offers various additional services. Bitci has a good reputation as a professional player on the market and is considered to have one of the lowest commission rates for exchange operations.

In terms of visual identity, the Turkish crypto platform has its logo based on the most famous symbol in the industry — the Bitcoin emblem. Although here it’s modified, it still shows an instant affiliation of the service to the crypto market.

2018 – Today

Bitci Logo

The Bitci logo, designed in 2018, is composed of an orange and white icon, and a bold sans-serif logotype in a slightly slanted custom typeface, which can be written in black or white, depending on the main background.

The icon of the platform depicts a solid orange square with a white symbol on it. The symbol is derived from the Bitcoin emblem, with the bold capital “B” crossed by two vertical lines. Although, the Bitci “B” is bolder, and has its vertical bar cut-out from the left, creating two sharp tails from both top and bottom parts.

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