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Biletix is a brand of Russian tour operator and travel agency based on the travel search web platform. Was founded in 2008 as a b2c project of Vipservice Holding. It is now one of the leading Russian web-site for ticket and hotel bookings.

Meaning and history

Biletix Logo

The Biletix logo is a sea blue wordmark executed in clean and simple sans serif with an image of four color petals forming letter X.

The logo was created by Moscow based design studio X-Project and symbolizes the colors of the world, which the brand offers to their customers.

The brand’s main idea is opening new emotions and colors for travelers and offering them the very best solutions and travel experience.

Pink, orange, green and blue colors of the icon resemble of happiness, joy, fun and all the best moments in life. The Biletix logo is simple yet modern and very positive and welcoming.