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Biletix is a brand of Russian tour operator and travel agency based on the travel search web platform. Was founded in 2008 as a b2c project of Vipservice Holding. It is now one of the leading Russian web-site for ticket and hotel bookings.

Meaning and history

Biletix Logo

The Russian online service was created in 2008 based on the large air ticket consolidator Vipservice. It is one of the most successful services in the Russian passenger services market. It regularly offers tickets at reduced pricesand organizes promotions and special offers.

Biletix provides the entire range of services in the segment, from booking air and rail transport ticketsto booking hotels, and arranging insurance policies.

What is Biletix?
Biletix is one of the leading Russian Internet resources working with the end user and focused on the booking of airline and railroad tickets, as well as hotels. Biletix is the only service on the Russian market that sells tickets online not only for regular but also for charter airline flights.